Kamala’s Laughter Becomes Global Issue, But US Allies Have Mercy

The highly embarrassing and puzzling nervous chuckle of Kamala Harris has now officially become a “thing” in world politics.

The vice president laughed when questioned about the millions of Ukrainian war refugees during a press conference with crucial US allies.

The ‘Tragedy’ that Kamala Would Be as POTUS

Needless to say, America’s NATO, as well as non-NATO, allies have been stunned and overwhelmed as Biden’s veep senselessly giggled for a full 15 seconds.

Nevertheless, after the initial shock, America’s allies appear to have shown understanding, mercy, and even compassion for Kamala because of what is comprehended as her nervous laughter disability.

As Harris was giving a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda, she got asked by a reporter about the US contribution to Poland’s handling of more than 1.5 Ukrainian refugees all by itself.

Seemingly unprepared to answer, she looked for help towards Duda who was ready to step in, leading Kamala to emit 15 seconds worth of her scary trademark chuckle.

Iuliia Mendel, a former spokeswoman of Ukraine’s plucky leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy, was very blunt on Twitter, about the situation. She wrote if “this woman” gets to become president of the United States, it would be a “tragedy”.

However, apparently, there are many merciful and understanding people out there, including among America’s allies.

Kamala Has ‘This Particular Form of Communication’

Several hours later, Mendel deleted her tweet in which she expressed concern over the terrifying prospect of “POTUS Kamala Harris”.

The ex-Ukrainian presidential spokeswoman thus gave a seemingly very forgiving interpretation of the public embarrassment Kamala has been for the American public on many different occasions.

Not only did Mendel make clear her new understanding that Harris shouldn’t be mocked or criticized for her nervous laughter “disability,” but she also declared her hopes that Harris’ actions would be better than what she described as her “inappropriate communication”.

According to Mendel, seeing Kamala’s outburst of laughter when asked about Ukrainian refugees was immediately considered a “very bad experience” in Ukraine against the backdrop of Putin’s brutal war and destruction in their country.

At the same time, however, the former top Ukrainian government official learned Kamala has this “particular form of communication” – the cackle – which she gives out when “feeling uncomfortable”.

Mendel thanked the United States for the wide-ranging and in-depth American support for Ukraine’s freedom, independence, and survival. This is including nearly $14 billion in military and humanitarian aid just passed by the US Congress.

After her “laughter” press conference in Poland, on Friday, Kamala Harris was in Romania, where she managed to steer clear of any giggle outbursts while speaking alongside Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.

The vice president lambasted Putin’s obvious war crimes in Ukraine and reiterated America’s resolve to stand with its friends and allies.