Kamala’s Botched Tweet on NATO Playing Into Putin’s Hands

In a major international blunder, Joe Biden’s veep Kamala Harris sent out a tweet playing right into the hands of murderous Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, as he is busy committing war crimes in Ukraine.

Putin’s regime invaded Ukraine three weeks ago, but the invasion has been going terribly for the Russians. They have been suffering huge losses at the hands of the determined, plucky Ukrainians.

Putin Denies Ukrainians’ Right to Exist

According to Putin’s rationale, Ukraine becoming a member of NATO would pose a life danger to Russia; never mind the Ukrainians could never have any aggressive ambitions towards his vast country.

Moscow still has the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the entire world, larger than even America’s.

While Putin and his servants have been pushing the “dangerous NATO expansion narrative”, the real reason why the Russian dictator attacked Ukraine is Putin believes Ukraine is the same nation as Russia.

In other words, Putin is flatly denying the Ukrainians’ very right to exist as an independent people, nation, country, and government.

He would like to conquer all of Ukraine and swallow it as one of Moscow’s many former imperial domains, now into a new Russian-Eurasian Empire.

At the same time, however, the Putin regime is relentlessly peddling the NATO expansion narrative which sadly duped numerous western pundits into thinking the war in Ukraine is actually the fault of the United States and its allies.

Enter Kamala Harris, Biden’s internationally awkward veep, and her Twitter team.

Kamala’s Botched Tweet

Kamala’s now-deleted Twitter post actually played right into Putin’s hands.

She unwittingly reinforced Moscow’s entire narrative of lies about how Ukraine and the West want to make the former a member of NATO, then use it to attack Russia from Ukrainian territory.

The tweet stated America “stands firmly” with the Ukrainians “in defense of the NATO alliance.”

In it, Kamala adds during her recent visit to US allies in Eastern Europe, Poland, and Romania, she met with American and Polish military personnel in the former country and thanked them for their service.

The problematic part is Ukraine is not a member of NATO. However, Kamala’s tweet is making it seem as though Ukrainians are fighting the Russians, as though they are part of the alliance.

The DNC, which manages Kamala’s Twitter account, told Fox News the crucial conjunction “AND” had been “omitted by accident,” which is why the tweet was deleted and now posted anew with the correct wording.

However, the damage has already been done.

According to former Defense Intelligence Agency officer Rebekah Koffler, who is an expert on Putin’s Russia, Kamala’s botched tweet “simply confirmed to the Russians” their invasion rationale.

Kamala Harris’ tweet appears to have contributed to the mess in a rather substantial way, helping Putin’s propaganda pushers justify further the nauseating invasion.