Kamala Harris: US Stopping Anti-Satellite Missile Tests

(Vandenberg Space Base)

After the apocalyptic loss of the war in Afghanistan, the erasure of the southern border, and failed appeasement of Russia’s gangster leader Putin, the Biden administration just imposed another self-inflicted foreign policy defeat upon the United States.

This was made public by Democrat veep Kamala Harris.

America Inflicts Another Defeat Upon Itself

In a speech on Monday, Kamala delivered some great news for authoritarian Russia or Communist China.

Kamala’s news will no doubt be welcome by Vladimir Putin and his fellow dictator in China, Xi Jinping. The Biden administration, on behalf of the US government, unilaterally gave up conducting any further anti-satellite missile tests.

In other words, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, you name it, are going to continue perfecting their weapons to take out America’s satellites and space installations. The Biden administration, on the other hand, decided to renounce that right all on its own.

Apparently, as far as can be discerned from the Biden administration’s rationale, the US government is taking the unilateral step as a goodwill gesture towards the murderous regimes of Russia, China, Iran, and so on.

Biden hopes those murderous regimes are going to do the same, play nice, and never care to target American satellites to achieve their foul imperialist ambitions.

(Vandenberg Space Base)

Russia, China, Please Be ‘Responsible’ in Space

The bizarre justification for America’s latest self-inflicted defeat was outlined by Kamala Harris, as follows: the self-imposed ban is going to turn the renunciation of anti-satellite missile tests into an “international norm” in favor of “responsible behavior in space.”

What makes this decision of the Biden administration so awful is that barely six months ago, Russia actually carried out a large-scale test of anti-satellite missiles.

Likewise, China already carried out an anti-satellite space missile test as early as 2007, while India did so in 2019. The US test, to that end, came after China’s, back in 2008.

Practically any future world war scenario provides for the respective sides seeking to destroy each other’s communications by blasting the other’s satellites in space.

Apparently, however, the Biden administration would like to allow Russia and China to do that to America without it being able to reciprocate. This is typical for the Biden administration to repeatedly put America last and let our nation’s enemies gain strength.

Speaking in the Vandenberg Space Force Base on Monday, Biden’s veep Kamala, who happens to be the chair of the National Space Council, declared the conduction of anti-satellite missile tests as “reckless and irresponsible.”

She said this because of the dangerous debris it creates.

While that might be the case, it remains inexplicable why the Biden administration decided to inflict another ban on itself, without first exacting similar commitments from Russia, China, and other space powers.