Harris in Stronger Position to Succeed Biden Than Most Imagine

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden’s equally blunder-prone veep, Kamala Harris, may actually be in a stronger position than thought to succeed him as the 2024 presidential nominee of the Democrat Party.

The Next Democratic Presidential Nominee?

The latest public opinion polls show Harris is actually the most preferred choice for a 2024 presidential nominee among Democrat voters, if Biden decides not to run again.

The Biden administration, or the “Biden-Harris administration,” as Sleepy Joe’s staffers have bizarrely insisted on calling it – has been pummeled in the polls by the wide gamut of crises it either created single-handedly or exacerbated beyond imagination.

Those range from stupefying inflation, the supply chain crisis, and communist-style shortages of goods as basic as baby formula.

It also expands to the bewildering loss of the war in Afghanistan, the deliberate effort to resettle third world illegals into the United States, and failure to stop vicious Russian tyrant Putin from waging war on Ukraine and, by implication, on the entire Free World.

Both Biden and his equally questionable veep have thus seen their ratings drop to the low 30s and even upper 20s.

To top it all off, while Sleepy Joe keeps insisting he will be running for re-election, he is so much in love with Harris that he would like to “keep” her.

Harris Only Polls Strongly Among Democrats

There have been worries from Democratic strategists that Harris is practically “unelectable” in a general election. She seems poised to perform particularly poorly not just among Republican voters, but also among Independents.

According to the Harvard CAPS-Harris poll, 19% of Democrat voters preferred Harris to be their party’s nominee for the White House in the 2024 presidential election

Both Bernie Sanders, the communist Democrat senator from Vermont, and former First Lady Hillary Clinton received 10% each.

Biden’s Transportation Secretary and pro-supply chain crisis protégé, Pete Buttigieg, is ranked fourth, with 7% of the Democrat voters favoring his candidacy.

Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota comes after with 3% support among Democrat voters.

Vast Majority of Americans ‘Dissatisfied’ With Sleepy Joe

Meanwhile, another public opinion poll by Gallup found a whopping 83% of American voters are “dissatisfied” with America’s “direction” under the leadership, or lack thereof, of Joe Biden.

Only 16% view the nation’s current course of development positively. The Gallup poll conducted between May 2 and May 22 still gave Sleepy Joe a “steady” public approval rating of 41%.

This is a figure social media commentators on the right or center have slammed as suspiciously high against the backdrop of the unfolding inflation and goods shortage crises.

At the same time, Biden’s ratings have declined by 6%, compared with the previous Gallup poll back in April.

The pollster points out the Democrat occupant of the White House is nowhere near the 60% of public support an incumbent president needs to stave off a major defeat for his party in the midterm elections.