Kamala in Midst of Soviet Fighter Jet Conundrum in Ukraine’s War with Putin

(A White House handout photo showing Kamala Harris as she is about to leave for Poland on her Eastern Europe trip)

Kamala Harris set off for a visit near Ukraine, but she is about to land right in the midst of a major storm.

Poland and the US are in midst of a dispute for dozens of Soviet-Era fighter jets demanded by the Ukrainians.

Kamala Fills In for Sleepy Joe – Just No Borders, Please!

On Wednesday morning, Harris set off to a much anticipated and much-advertised visit in Eastern Europe in a show of America’s commitment to the security of its friends.

Of course, quite naturally, she won’t be visiting the borders of Ukraine where the wretched refugees are streaming through.

Instead, Harris is going to stick to the Polish and Romanian capitals – Warsaw and Bucharest – and enjoy diplomatic pleasantries and strong-worded speeches without getting her feet dirty on the frozen mud of Ukraine’s western borders.

Kamala’s visit to Eastern Europe to “scare off” Russian strongman Putin was planned in a haste last week.

(Wikipedia photo showing a Polish Air Force Soviet-made MiG-29 fighter jet)

It’s a Whole, Big Soviet Fighter Jet Storm. Enter Kamala.

Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy has issued desperate calls to the United States and NATO, who are supplying various types of weapons to his country, for the delivery of fighter jets.

In particular, Ukraine’s leadership is hoping that US allies Poland, Slovakia, and Bulgaria would provide their old Soviet warplanes in exchange for compensation and/or US-made planes, such as F-16s, provided by the US.

All three countries, however, have been wary, with Slovakia and Bulgaria rejecting the request with the argument such a move would leave them without an air force since they have no other warplanes to rely on.

At the same time, senior NATO officials and the Biden administration have also been wondering how exactly such planes could be given to Ukraine.

Thus, just several hours before Kamala Harris set off for Poland on Wednesday morning,  the Polish government declared it was prepared to give up all of its 28 MiG-29 planes.

Speaking on Tuesday night, John Kirby, the spokesman of the US Department of Defense, declared that the entire scenario in which the old Soviet warplanes supposedly get transferred to Ukraine is considered problematic in the “entire NATO alliance”.

He described the whole mechanism and the Polish initiative as “untenable” and unworkable.

In a nutshell, what this means is that when she lands in Warsaw on Wednesday, Kamala Harris is bound to be met with a volley of questions about the Soviet fighter jet conundrum.

She is likewise going to be questioned about the solidity of the US-Polish alliance, the West’s countermeasures against Putin – and all of that will come amid the very desperate cries out of Kyiv for help and much, much more military aid.