Kamala Harris Goes to Twice-Failed Hillary Clinton for Ratings Advice

Vice President Kamala Harris is reportedly justifying her horrendous public approval ratings with “sexism” and “racism,” while also actively seeking advice from high-profile Democrats.

Harris even approached none other than Hillary Clinton for advice.

Relying on Clinton for the ‘Path Forward’

Kamala’s decision to go to Hillary for advice was reported by The New York Times. Harris is  motivated by her “declining” ratings, abandonment from key members of her staff, and the wave of criticism from “conservative news media” and GOP figures.

Harris is now relying on “powerful confidantes” – such as Clinton – to come to her aide so she can “plot a path forward”.

The NYT report also exposed Kamala’s attitude as justifying the “negative” news coverage of her with the fact she is not “white and male.”

Apparently, in Harris’ mind, matters such as competence, public adequacy, achievements, and actually getting things done to benefit Americans take a backseat row to race and sex.

It is also understood that Kamala and Hillary actually hold talks once every two months; in November, Clinton actually went to the White House in person to meet up with Sleepy Joe’s vice president.

The New York Times also cites Clinton alleging there is a double standard towards all female candidates regarding becoming president or vice president of the United States.

In her words, the “double standard” in question was used to “judge” her before. Now, the same thing is “alive and well” and used in order to “judge” Harris, as well as all the women who were candidates for the presidency in 2020.

No major, pro-leftist pollster asked the public about Kamala’s public approval since early November when a poll by USA Today and Suffolk put her ratings at 28%.

She Didn’t Even Talk to House Democrats

According to the NYT reports, Harris’ difficulties on the voting rights legislation proposed by Democrats are partly stemming from her attempts not to trigger the opposition of moderate Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

In March 2021, Sleepy Joe declared Harris as his administration’s point person on the migrant crisis. However, not only has she failed to make any impact whatsoever, but she hasn’t even visited the border.

She had one trip to a border region, but shied away from the actual border. Cuellar, in particular, reached out to Harris to discuss the illegal immigration crisis, just before she was supposedly planning a trip to the border.

However, he didn’t hear back from her. Cuellar declared that he “moved on” from the issue. He declared although she was “tasked with doing” the respective job, Harris wasn’t particularly “interested.”

That is why Cuellar decided to reach out to “other folks” who can help with the illegal immigration issue. In his words, those are “Biden officials” since they’re at least willing to talk to people.