Kamala Becomes Best Buds with Anti-Semite Commies in Honduras

Questions about the competence of Vice President Kamala Harris arrive as she has exhibited some really bizarre political behavior during her first year in office.

She appears to be continuing the same highly questionable pattern in 2022. Nevertheless, it appears Sleepy Joe is just enamored with her.

Kamala Goes to Honduras

The vice president is now heading all the way to Honduras in Central America to attend the inauguration of the new president and vice president of a country with mass illegal immigration and organized crime coming to America.

To top it all off, the newly elected leaders of Honduras appear to be highly discredited and anti-Semite communists.

Since there is going to be a change in the leadership in Honduras, Harris will head an official US government delegation to Honduras for the inauguration of socialist Xiomara Castro.

To top it all off, Castro’s running mate and future vice president is Salvador Nasrallah, who is of Palestinian origin and is an ardent anti-Semite, with his frequent anti-Israel rants.

Harris is suspected of being anti-Jewish herself. In September, during a school at George Mason University, Kamala kept quiet and even encouraged a misguided young Marxist and woke student who went on an anti-Israel rant.

Wannabe Hugo Chavez’s Wife and Prominent Anti-Semite

On Thursday, Harris will be going to the inauguration of the new Honduran President-elect, of the Libre Party (the Freedom and Refoundation Party), 62-year-old Xiomara Castro de Zelaya.

She will be bringing with her Samantha Power, the head of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and Democrat Representative Paul Ruiz of California, CNN reported.

According to Kamala’s spokeswoman, Sabrina Singh, Biden’s veep has been communicating with Castro since the latter’s election in December.

Castro is technically the first president of Honduras to be elected on a “socialist platform,” and will be the first woman in charge of the poor, crime-infested Central American country.

She is the wife of Manuel (Mel) Zelaya, President of Honduras in 2006-2009, a rich landowner, and a wannabe Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro.

Zelaya was brought down by a military coup and then exiled for several years, due to his shift to the far left.

He was an ally of Cuba’s communist dictator Fidel Castro. Therefore, he tried to replicate the communist policies of Venezuela’s late leader Hugo Chavez, both of those having been passionately anti-American.

With a mixture of some Marxist feminism, far-left communist ideology, and anti-Semitism, Kamala Harris seems to have found some new best buds among the happy campers that are now taking over the government of Honduras.

Regardless, it doesn’t seem like she would even bring up the numerous illegal immigrants and criminal gangs that their country is sending to the United States.