Harris Abandoned Biden on Key Policy Issue

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden got rejected last month in a highly disrespectful manner by no other than his equally gaffe-prone, bizarre-speaking veep, Kamala Harris.

Sleepy Joe Not Communist Enough for Kamala

The vice president snubbed Sleepy Joe when he really needed her to back him up for the making of a special video concerning his decision to extend the moratorium on student loan repayment.

Biden has been standing Harris up for White House lunches, though.

Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, isn’t crazy about “Veep Kamala”, either, because of the vicious way in which Harris attacked Sleepy Joe during the 2020 Democratic nomination primary debates.

Apparently, it was Kamala’s turn to leave Biden high and dry. During the beginning of April, she flat out rejected him on the student loan debt video. Kamala’s decision is certainly a stinging humiliation for Sleepy Joe.

What must be even more humiliating for Biden is that his vice president rejected him out of fear he wasn’t kowtowing low enough before the radical Marxist-Communists – also known as “progressives.”

Progressives are increasingly dominating congressional Democrats and the Biden administration itself.

In other words, Harris was aware that progressivist communists of the AOC type would not be satisfied with Biden’s half-hearted decision to just extend the moratorium on student debt.

Progressives want Biden to just cancel it altogether. Therefore, the vice president wanted no part in that, abandoning her boss to be the sole “public face” of the policy in question.

Lone Joe Stars on His Own

According to the report, Harris’ office, at first, started to collaborate with the White House on the making of the video. Yet, afterward, the vice president single-handedly pulled out.

Sleepy Joe ended up starring in the lefty blockbuster all on his own. Harris still backed the policy of extending the student debt moratorium, but she only put out a written statement to that end.

Biden’s lonely video on student loan extension got released on April 6. In this video, he argued folks have suffered tremendously because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis, hence the “continued pause” in repayment.

The fact that Sleepy Joe got abandoned by his vice president on the issue made his new message markedly different from back in December 2021.

This is when the preceding extension was announced and when the Democrat duo appeared together in a video address to announce that.

The report cited two White House sources as revealing the veep’s office was at first quite excited to take part in making the new “Biden-Harris” video.

However, Biden’s vice president and her staff later realized Biden had no intention of canceling student debts altogether; this is the very policy the raucous communists have been advocating for.