Judge Backs Home Depot’s Ban on BLM

"Home Depot" by Mike Mozart

This Friday was victorious for Home Depot workers.

Judge Paul Bogas ruled the National Labor Board’s filing against the company on account of BLM merchandise and symbolism is to be dismissed.

Apparently, the NLRB based its case on the idea employees’ rights were violated by the company’s “no BLM” policy regarding their uniforms.

Judge Bogas disagreed with this, stating there’s no real connection between the terms/conditions of employment and BLM activism.

“#blm” by Aaron Fulkerson

BLM symbolism restricted workers’ uniforms

He added that BLM, as an organization, addresses the unjustified murder of black individuals.

Meanwhile, the usage of their symbolism in other situations is nothing more than shoving politics and social justice into a workplace where they don’t belong.

Unfortunately, the ruling can still be appealed to the labor board’s members in Washington, of which a majority are Democrats. That means this small, inconsequential case could easily be blown out of proportion by the woke crowd.

On the other hand, Home Depot has been involved in some “progressive” movements. The company published a worksheet regarding white privilege and racism, immediately grabbing the attention of Twitter netizens.

After the Twitter hailstorm that followed the reveal, Home Depot assured the worksheet came from its Canadian division.

The company also said the worksheet is in no way part of required programming in the workplace, mainly due to the fact it wasn’t created by the US division’s diversity and inclusion department.

Home Depot co-founder under fire for controversial statement

Home Depot’s spokesperson stated the company is in full support of diversity and inclusion across all their branches.

However, they do not enforce concepts such as “white privilege” in the workplace; it only increases the divide between the black and white communities.

However, the company wasn’t always this woke.

Only three years ago it found itself in hot water. Co-founder, Bernie Marcus, announced he’d be donating money to former President Trump’s re-election campaign.

The statement prompted outrage from the left. In a matter of hours, the #BoycottHomeDepot hashtag was going viral on Twitter and other social media platforms, albeit with little to no damage to the company’s standing.

Marcus added the reason for his support was Trump’s approach to politics and business. While he doesn’t exactly agree with everything the then-president did or said, he’s done things for this country many others haven’t.

Fact is, America was in a better spot during Trump’s presidency than the eight or nine years prior.

This is exactly why billionaires like Marcus were willing to cough up quite the heavy amount to support Trump’s dream of making this country great again.

Despite the criticism he received over his political alignment, Marcus remains a kind and caring man, vowing to donate up to 90% of his $5.9 billion net worth to charitable causes after his death.