Joe Rogan Claims ‘Man Baby’ Trump is Addicted to Drugs, Enraged By Bad News

Popular podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan launched a devastating attack on President Donald Trump during an interview on his podcast.

He portrayed POTUS 45 as a “man baby” who cannot stand receiving bad news and also a drug addict who struggles to pay attention while reading or listening without attention deficit disorder medication.

Rogan Now Firmly in the Anti-Trump Camp

This isn’t the first time that Joe Rogan has taken jabs at Trump.

In a recent appearance on another comedian’s show, the Lex Fridman podcast, Rogan declared he doesn’t like Trump and never had him on The Joe Rogan Experience, simply because he doesn’t want to “help” Trump get reelected.

Rogan, who described himself as a libertarian, has also endorsed Florida’s popular Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, for president.

Rogan vowed to vote for DeSantis, even as the latter hasn’t hinted he is going to be a presidential candidate in 2024.

After Rogan’s anti-Trump outburst earlier this month, POTUS 45 accused him of lying by claiming that his overtures to be featured on The Joe Rogan Experience were rejected.

Instead, Trump claimed it was the other way around; he was approached by Rogan’s team, but declined to be a guest on his podcast.

This time, 54-year-old Rogan made his comments and allegations about Trump on his own podcast, which boasts 12 million subscribers, while he was interviewing Tom Segura, another comedian.

During the interview, Segura himself also made damning allegations about the former president and claimed those are based upon indirect evidence that he heard from others.

‘Gassed Up For Shoots’

The two comedians started ripping into Trump after Segura wondered how the 45th president could have been so “full of f—ing energy” during his time in the White House, while allegedly sleeping only four hours per night.

“He’s on Adderall,” Rogan quipped then, referencing the pharmaceutical used for treating narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

However, it is also a performance enhancer for athletes, cognitive enhancements, and euphoria inducement, etc.

The multiple applications have made the medicine a drug that is oftentimes abused by people just in order to keep them alert and awake.

Segura then claimed to have second-hand confirmation that Trump has been taking Adderall.

He quoted “multiple people” who once worked on the then-future president’s reality show, The Apprentice, and told him Trump was taking the drug.

More specifically, he alleged they said Trump was “f—ing gassed up for shoots.”

Rogan weighed in by saying he’d been told the CIA and other intelligence agencies would insert Trump’s name numerous times in briefings so they would “keep him interested.”

It was at this point that Joe Rogan exclaimed regarding Trump, “He’s a man baby!” Segura seconded that opinion by saying this is how he talks to his children.