Jobs Report for November 2021 is Not Good

It goes without saying that jobs are a pretty big part of the US economy. In order for the nation to survive and be healthy, Americans need to be able to work. Businesses need to be able to serve their communities and meet their bottom lines.

As 2021 comes to a close, much of the economy is still having a tough time. A pressing factor in this deals with labor shortages. Before the courts blocked multiple COVID vaccine mandates from the Biden administration, numerous workers lost their jobs because of these mandates.

All in all, the country’s economy has quite a ways to go before it’s truly back on track. Yet, in quite the unfortunate turn of events, the jobs report for the month of November 2021 was very disappointing, as Fox Business details.

Bad News from the Labor Department

By all accounts, the jobs report for November was an absolute bust. The nation only gained 210K jobs, despite the 550K jobs which were predicted by economists. Furthermore, the 210K jobs from November largely pale in comparison to the 546K jobs from October’s jobs report.

In order for the country to get back to where it was pre-COVID, many more Americans need to get back to work. The economy also needs to pick up hundreds of thousands of more jobs each month.

Biden, of course, did not even mention the terrible news from the Labor Department when he spoke to Americans on Friday. Instead, the 46th president elected to focus on the mild unemployment decline of 0.4%.

Republicans, by contrast, didn’t hesitate in calling out Biden. The GOP cited the latest Labor Department data as evidence that Biden’s agenda is worsening the country.

Republicans also warned the Biden presidency is taking the United States in a terrifying direction and should change courses immediately.

A Double Whammy for Americans

The abysmal report from the Labor Department serves as a double whammy when paired with the present predicament of inflation.

Right now, inflation has gotten so dire that it’s actually beating out Americans’ earnings on a grander scale. This is all the more reason why adding more jobs to the economy makes such a big difference.

Ideally, jobs should be increasing while inflation decreases; yet, instead, the reverse is happening. The double whammy for Americans will continue as long as shot-callers in the federal government continue to drop the ball.

Cutting government spending, getting frivolous mandates out of the way, and voting conservatives back in control of the federal government is crucial. What is going on right now is not sustainable or for the good of the nation.

What do you think about the report from the Department of Labor regarding the jobs report analyzing last month?