Illegals Getting Directions for Invading America, Courtesy of the Red Cross

Wannabe illegal aliens are being supplied with instructions on where to cross into America through packets from the American Red Cross, a report has revealed.

Illegal Immigrant Invader Starter Pack

More than six million illegals have invaded the nation, thanks to the woke, open-border policies implemented by No Border Joe and his far-left cohorts in the Cabinet since he occupied the White House in January 2021.

That staggering number includes between one and two million aliens classified as “gotaways,” that is, illegals who snuck into the US without even getting apprehended before being released in the country’s interior at Biden’s orders.

A particularly shocking aspect of America’s illegal immigrant invasion, however, has now been revealed. It emerged that the American Red Cross is supplying migrants in Mexico with packets that contain maps and guides, telling them the easiest ways for crossing the US border.

The outrageous abetting of foreign nationals as they commit crimes against multiple US laws has been revealed by The Daily Caller, which obtained one of the packets in question stamped with logos of the American Red Cross and the International Red Cross.

That map found in the packet shows routes for invading the United States, as well as a list of “useful resources” to the illegals – such as shelters where they could get support in Central America and Mexico en route to the US border.

The map the American Red Cross is giving to wannabe illegal immigrants shows, in particular, how to reach cities on the Mexican-US border.

The same “Illegal Immigrant Starter Pack” also contains a guide to “self-care,” with invaluable advice on highly useful matters, such as how to get contraceptives, how to jump on trains safely, or how to survive a disease or the desert.

Helping Illegals Invade US on Both Sides of the Border

The report points out that American Red Cross is assigned by the federal government to allocate giant sums of US taxpayer dollars to support illegals who get released inside the United States.

This naturally leads to the conclusion that the organization in question is interested in having as many illegal immigrants invade America as possible.

It is noted further that the American Red Cross has a seat on the board of the Food and Shelter Program of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. That way, it is also responsible for apportioning funds to nonprofits supporting illegal immigration.

In February alone, the FEMA Food and Shelter Program received a $350 million cash injection from the US Department of Homeland Security.

The new revelation shows that the American Red Cross is thus facilitating help for the invaders inside the US and it is also helping them actually cross into the US.

That is occurring just as more than one million illegals have been “encountered” by US Border Patrol agents since October 1, when the new fiscal year started. In the 2022 fiscal year, the border agents apprehended over 2.3 million illegals at the southern border.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.