Hunter Shows No Regret for His Actions!

During an event at the White House last week on Sunday, Hunter Biden was asked about his opinion on House Republicans’ plan to investigate him.

The first son was then questioned about his stance on Musk releasing files pertaining to the suppression of the laptop story on Twitter before the 2020 election.

The event in question was organized to celebrate the Kennedy Center honorees. Despite not being the focus of the event, Hunter couldn’t escape the reporters eager for info on the recently regurgitated story.

Hunter Biden finally confronted about the incriminating data on his laptop

Now that everyone’s been reminded of the forced censorship of such an impactful scoop, Hunter is bound to be the target of a number of GOP congressional investigations, and with good reason too.

Reports from the White House state Hunter was initially seated in the back of the event room when he was approached by two news reporters, each of them taking a deep dive into Hunter’s shady business practices.

One of the two asked Hunter about his opinion on the files Musk published, which outlined Twitter’s censorship of the laptop story; whereas the other questioned Hunter on his business dealings with Chinese conglomerates and energy companies.

Without anything even resembling a response, Hunter smiled at the two reporters and walked away, a move that’s been a classic in his book ever since Joe won the 2020 presidential election.

The investigations kick off in January

The younger of the Biden brothers have been involved in a number of financial affairs in recent years, most of them being shady money transfers tied to companies in Ukraine, China, and Russia. This has been going on for well over five years.

In fact, immediately after the 2020 election, Hunter revealed there’s been an inquiry into his tax returns, claiming that he’s 100% certain he’ll be cleared of any wrongdoings, with none of us knowing what he actually meant by that back then.

The legal scrutiny only piled on since then. Now that House Republicans are set to launch a series of investigations the moment they take over in January, this will include a set of investigations into Joe’s involvement in Hunter’s business affairs as well.

Rep. James Comer stated these investigations will be of top priority. He is the one who will chair the House Oversight Committee next year and will be in charge of launching the probes into the Biden family.

This will be much more than just an investigation into Joe’s son and his money-laundering schemes, mainly given the fact that the focus will be on the lies Joe’s been telling us for the past two years.

There are several reports of Joe being involved in these deals with Chinese energy companies as well. While there’s no direct link, Hunter made a number of claims that a portion of the money was going to an unnamed entity.

Who else could it be but daddy Biden who made it all possible?

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.