Hunter Biden’s Business Partner Spills the Beans

(Social media video snapshot)

The former holdings chief for SinoHawk, Tony Bobulinski, was involved in Hunter Biden’s China-linked company, along with several other members of Hunter’s family.

He spoke words of praise for Kentucky’s Republican Congressman James Comer and his decision to launch a probe into the Biden family’s businesses.

Earlier this week, Comer made several points during a press conference, assuring the investigation will be focused on Biden’s connections to corrupt overseas deals, with great attention to Hunter’s involvement and behavior over the years.


The Bidens’ shady business practices

Now that the GOP finally took back control of the House, the Republican Rep. for Paducah and Bowling Green will step up to the position of chair of the Oversight Committee, replacing New York’s Carolyn Maloney.

In an interview that happened during Fox News’ Patriot Awards, Bobulinski claimed the best thing coming out of this is it won’t just be his word against theirs in the case of allegations against Joe and Hunter Biden.

Even Hunter himself once admitted he’s willing to put his family’s entire legacy on the line, so long as it means securing a deal with the Chinese Communist Party through deals with the country’s energy conglomerate.

Bobulinski already shared dozens of documents proving the Bidens’ involvement in such shady deals. All of them have been provided to Congressmen Comer and Jordan, both of which can corroborate all of this information.

The Big Guy sounds like something Biden would call himself

In one of the correspondences between Hunter and Bobulinski, the prodigal son claimed that 10% of the deal will be “held by H for the Big Guy.” It’s long since been confirmed that the person Hunter is referring to as “Big Guy” is none other than Joe himself.

Yet, that’s not the end of it. It’s also been found that Hunter’s uncle, James, was also involved. While it may seem like it’s taking an eternity to crack down on the first family, Bobulinski believes justice will be served in the end.

In fact, Bobulinski came forward with this information before the 2020 election, but was largely ignored by mainstream media, which pushed aside any story that could’ve been detrimental to Biden’s campaign.

Naturally, the president denied all of the allegations as early as 2019. He called one of the men present at his rally a “damn liar” for the claims that Biden was formerly on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.

Thankfully, several other whistleblowers came forward in the past couple of months as well, supporting Bobulinski’s claims regarding the Bidens, while adding incremental information to this ever-growing story.

The informant gave his thanks to Senators Grassley and Johnson of Iowa and Wisconsin, respectively, feeling saddened by the fact they remained out of power in minority positions.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.