Hunter Biden Set to Evade Accountability For Major Crimes Through Plea Deal

Hunter Biden is very likely to get away with whatever serious financial (and other) crimes he may have committed.

He may admit only to minor offenses through a very “generous” plea deal, a legal expert and former Department of Justice employee has predicted.

Feds Investigating Hunter Parallel to Laptop Leaks

The photos, videos, texts, and documents found on Hunter’s laptop exposed his luxury lifestyle, money problems, and addiction to alcohol, drugs, and prostitutes.

The laptop also revealed potential involvement in high-profile, white-collar crimes and very suspicious business deals with individuals from communist China, Russia, and so on.

However, it was recently found that the laptop from hell contains the backup copy of Hunter Biden’s iPhone.

This yielded another very rich trove of revelations. Hunter would blow tens of thousands of dollars on prostitutes, borrow more money from his father for rehab and blow it all off, and  viciously insulted his stepmother Jill Biden when she told him to get “sober.”

To top it all off, a voicemail message from Joe Biden shows he seemed to have been aware about the murky business dealings of his son even though the president and his aides always denied it.

What about ‘Key Player’ Joe Biden?

In recent days, there have been reports from different news outlets, such as CNN and Fox News, claiming the federal investigation into the first son is getting “wrapped up.” Results should be expected shortly.

With all the revelations about Hunter Biden’s cesspool of potential crimes, it now seems very likely that he may getting away with most, if not all, charges. He will probably be granted a “generous” deal by pleading guilty to some small-scale ones.

This is the prediction of Jim Trusty, a lawyer and a former head of the Organized Crime Section of the Department of Justice.

Trusty believes Hunter may have already landed such a plea deal and will only be found guilty of minor tax charges and possibly providing false information from when he bought a gun back in 2018.

The lawyer told New York Post that the first son is likely to be charged with money laundering, as well as violating lobbying laws when he probably used his father’s position as vice president to strike suspicious business deals abroad.

Trusty pointed out the reports so far are mentioning Hunter’s “drug addiction.” Not once have they mentioned the word “conspiracy,” so there isn’t going to be a “sweeping indictment” of the first son.

Another legal expert, Jonathan Turley, a professor of law at George Washington University, said he was worried by the fact that President Biden himself has never been called to testify to the grand jury on the affairs of his son.

Turkey described Joe Biden as a “key player” and argued there is no way for the prosecutors to “eliminate conspiracy charges” without having “key players” testify.