Hillary Clinton Seems to Stage Comeback for Democrats’ 2024 Nomination

Politicians who have failed spectacularly usually quit politics, retire, or seek another job; for those who have failed miserably twice, this is practically guaranteed.

However, there is also a third category: those whose ego and obstinacy are pushing them to keep trying to impose themselves again and again.

Enter former secretary of state and former first lady Hillary Clinton. She lost the Democrat nomination to Barack Obama in 2008 and the presidential election to Donald Trump in 2016.

That’s not even mentioning the countless scandals, controversies, and failures associated with herself and her husband, Bill Clinton, ever since the couple occupied the governor’s mansion in Little Rock Arkansas in the 1980s.

Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton seems to be trying to stage a comeback to win the 2024 presidential nomination of the Democrat Party.

Keeping Herself Relevant

The biggest evidence of Clinton’s apparent political comeback just emerged with reports she is going to give a speech next week at the convention of the Democrat Party.

According to a report by CNBC, which cites sources familiar with the Democrat Party, Clinton is going to try to galvanize the party.

One of the quoted sources said Clinton is probably more popular than Joe Biden and remains “beloved” by the party’s mainstream members.

The source added that besides galvanizing the Democrat Party, Clinton’s speech at the NY Democrat convention is going to “keep her relevant.”

Clinton’s appearance at the convention, however, has not been officially confirmed by the office of Jay Jacobs, who chairs the NY Democrat Party.

Jacobs’ chief of staff, Chris Melnyczuk, said there were a number of people invited to speak at the convention. Melnuczuk refused to confirm whether Clinton was approached to be a speaker at the high-profile event.

Joe and Kamala’s Abysmal Ratings Make Hillary’s Potential Run More Likely

There have been growing speculations that the former secretary of state is eager to seek her party’s nomination for a third time.

The speculations have been particularly boosted by the collapsing public ratings of Biden and Harris. Their ratings hover around 40%, according to most establishment, pro-Democrat left-wing pollsters; although, some leftist pollsters have put the figures in the low 30s.

Earlier this week, the polling aggregator of RealClearPolitics, for the first time, estimated Biden’s cumulative approval rating to stand below 40% – at 39%.

This is based on the average from a total of 304 polls conducted since January 2021. Under this cumulative measure, Biden’s disapproval stands at 54%.

A potential run for the nomination and presidency by Clinton may be made easier, due to the vice president’s ratings being equally as abysmal as Biden’s or even worse.

Last month, Dick Morris, the disgraced former campaign manager of Bill Clinton, forecast that Hillary Clinton is going to seek the Democrat presidential nomination. He also predicted there might be a rematch between her and Donald Trump in the 2024 election.