Hero Teen Saves Numerous People in Mississippi

This country is not in the greatest of shape. Record inflation, mass shootings, political division, and woke culture infecting our young people have many of us feeling depressed.

Though amid all the doom and gloom, it’s important to remember there are still very good people out there, even among our youth.

We are still a nation that produces greatness, bravery, and determination.

The latest example comes out of the small town of Moss Point, Mississippi. A young man is being hailed as a hero after saving four people from drowning, including a police officer.

Moss Point Teen Jumps to the Rescue

Moss Point is a small town of around only 13,000, located a half-hour drive east of Biloxi. This past Sunday, around 2:30 a.m., some young women were out having fun and made a big mistake.

The female driver of a car was trying to understand directions from her GPS when she mistakenly jumped her car from a boat launch next to the highway, splashing down in the middle of the massive Pascagoula River.

This huge river is 80 miles in length and almost 9,000 square miles. The young women in the car were panicking. They hit the water and began flailing in an attempt to get out and then survive the deep water in the dark.

Luckily for them, a young man was walking near the river at the time and saw what happened. This was 16-year-old Corion Evans, who was hanging out with his buddy KJ Bradley.

Without thinking twice, Evans took off his shirt and watch, ditched his phone, and jumped in. As he said, his only thought was they would “die” if he didn’t do something. Bradley jumped in as well.

They swam 25 meters out to where the girls were thrashing and drowning by the sinking car.

They worked to get the teens onto the roof of the vehicle, but it was sinking fast. Evans and Bradley had to help them paddle water and start swimming to shore, which was quite a long way off.

Police Arrive

At this time, Moss Point police arrived and officer Gary Mercer also entered the water right away to try to help Evans save the girls. One of the young women panicked, however, dragging Mercer underwater.

Mercer started shouting for help as he gulped down water and didn’t look like he was going to make it.

Evans has been swimming since he is three and knows the area like the back of his hand. However, in the dark of night, there could have been crocodiles or any number of dangerous things in the water.

Nevertheless, he conquered that fear and got over to the officer. Evans swam over and pulled Mercer to safety, getting him to shore and then going back for the other three girls.

Moss Point Chief Brandon Ashley has “commended” Evans for his assistance, saying he stopped the situation from being much worse.

The city council also has given him an official award for heroism. Most importantly, Evans made his own mom Marquita very proud; she says that his selflessness is inspiring to her.