‘Happy Holidays’: How US Marxists Want to Destroy Christmas

Modern-day American Marxists are nothing but a “basket of deplorables” – to borrow a phrase from Hillary Clinton. However, the same phrase is vastly useful when describing the Marxist communist crowd.

The Deplorables and Their ‘Happy Holidays’

Marxists have a burning hatred for Western Civilization and the American Constitution. They want the total destruction of capitalism and American identity, and the establishment of a radical, omnipotent, far-left, woke regime.

They have taken aim at Christmas by turning it into some “non-denominational,”secular, wintry holiday that stands for nothing but having a few days off work at the end of the calendar year.

Hence the insipid, castrated, nihilistic, and totally meaningless greeting of “Happy Holidays” that modern-day American Marxists have been trying to impose on Americans, instead of the truly beautiful and meaningful “Merry Christmas”!

In essence, the Marxist-Commie left wishes to just wipe Christmas out.

Why does Marxism hate Christmas so much?

Christmas stands for Christianity and the birth of Christ the Saviour. It stands for the organized Christian religion, the traditional values of family, togetherness and community.

Every single one of these things is a death bell to radical leftism and Marxism, which wants nothing less than total control and absolute power over the public, professional, and personal life of every single person out there.

Marxism is attempting a power grab by conquering the Democrat Party from within; it actually does have a shot at seizing power right underneath Sleepy Joe’s senile nose.

That is why Christmas is so central to the survival and thriving of the American nation, society, and republic. It epitomizes the values that have made this country so great and powerful.

Replacing Christmas with New Year’s?

Today’s American Marxists are dead set upon destroying or at least canceling Christmas and replacing it with the largely meaningless, secular holiday of New Year’s.

While New Year’s is also celebrated in the West as a nice occasion, there is no way to compare the shifting of months and years with the meaning of the birth of Christ.

That’s not even mentioning the fact that New Year’s day is connected with the birth of Christ, exactly eight days after his birth.

The Marxist-Communist rulers of the Soviet Empire managed to literally delete Christmas, gut out its meaning, and install in its place a meaningless winter holiday with Christmassy attributes just in order to serve their vicious ideology.

Of course, the Soviet Union Commies had at their disposal useful tools, such as unrestricted power, mass murder, and concentration camps. Many of today’s American Marxists would love to have those for sure.

For the time being, American Marxists can’t do what their Soviet brethren managed to do; they only have social media, Antifa, and BLM.

However, they sure are putting those to some good use and trying to terrorize Americans to give up their Christmas, freedom, nation, republic, families, sexes, and humanity to become obedient zombie subjects of Marxist totalitarianism.

We cannot afford to lose the fight to save Christmas because everything else is on the line. Christmas is America and America is Christmas.