Guardian’s Reporter Slammed on Twitter For “Woke” Opinions

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A reporter for The Guardian took to her Twitter account to voice her questionable opinions on people who stand against transgender ideology.

She went as far as claiming them to be “fascists,” which prompted immediate backlash from the platform’s users.

The “woke” journalist said currently, the most important political distinction is whether someone is fascist or not, connecting the concept of transphobia with fascism, as most liberals are already accustomed to doing.

“The Guardian review” by Martin Hearn

When a tweet doesn’t go the way you thought it would

However, what Wong didn’t expect was a majority of her nearly 60k followers would slam her for sharing this absurdly opinionated Tweet, with some of them even questioning her credibility as a reporter from this point on.

An anti-woke Twitter account under the name of Wokal Distance heavily criticized Wong’s “black and white” view on American politics.

The account stated she was doing the standard Democratic play of declaring anyone who disagrees is a fascist.

Despite being one of The Guardian’s top tech reporters, she was given an editorial role late into 2021.

Ever since then, Wong has been on some power trip on her social media, consistently posting about transphobia in both the US and worldwide.

The infamous tweet came in the midst of a similar debate on her profile. That started with her claiming the UK media’s status quo on “bigotry” is unacceptable and the fact it’s creeping into the American press is “sickening.”

Common equals fascism in 2022

However, it’s hard to label everything as “transphobic,” especially when the news outlet that employs her was caught red-handed. They tried to pin an incident involving a trans woman onto the “fascist” right-wing.

As it would turn out, flashing one’s male genitalia in a women’s only section of a Los Angeles spa had nothing to do with any political set-ups. Charges were filed against the biological man in question only two months later.

If that wasn’t enough, it seems Guardian writers can’t get an agreement on the matter either. They’re constantly complaining about publications from their own colleagues, one of which, Suzanne Moore, was even fired in 2020 for writing “gender-critical” content.

Other Twitter users quipped at both Wong and The Guardian, turning her tweet into an exploitable and claiming the most dominant political distinction at the time is between Guardian columnists and proper journalism.

One commenter even added it’s precisely trans-activism that’s causing all this mass hysteria surrounding transgender individuals.

It’s hard not to push back against a community that assaults women in public spaces and even calls for acts of violence against women fighting for the preservation of the female identity.

One such woman is JK Rowling. She is still receiving death threats from the trans community for suggesting trans-women shouldn’t be allowed in women’s only spaces, like bathrooms and domestic abuse shelters.