GOP Will Go After Fauci Big Time, Rand Paul Vows

The infamous Dr. Anthony Fauci seems poised to get into a lot of trouble if the Republican Party wins the 2022 midterm elections, as it is projected to.

This much has been made clear by Sen. Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky. Paul has been Fauci’s fiercest critic, mercilessly and fearlessly exposing the latter’s fallacies and abuses.

Fauci Will Be Dismantled ‘Piece by Piece’

Rand Paul and other GOP Senators, such as Roger Marshall – whom Fauci recently called “a moron” for demanding his financial documents – have been scrutinizing his work and behavior. Lots of questionable matters have started to come to light.

Rand Paul announced on Friday the Republican Party is going to subpoena Fauci if it wins the upcoming midterms.

Paul told podcaster Lisa Boothe, as cited by The Hill, that the GOP is going to “go after every [single] one” of Fauci’s records if there is a Republican majority in the Senate after the November vote.

If the GOP retakes the Senate, Paul would be nominated to chair the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. That would arm the Kentucky Republican with the power to start investigations and issue subpoenas.

A recent Fox News investigation revealed that Fauci was told as early as January 2020 that coronavirus may have escaped the Chinese government laboratory in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Yet, Fauci and other scientists have kept quiet on that in order to serve the interests of Communist China.

Fauci, who is worth over $10 million benefited tremendously from the pandemic; he also funded incredibly cruel animal research with the money of the American taxpayers.

In spite of all indications that he is mired in controversies and possibly much worse, Fauci keeps appearing on TV to scare Americans over the COVID pandemic.

Meanwhile, a new report hidden by the mainstream leftist media has shown lockdowns killed far more people than they saved.

Mandates About Forcing Americans into ‘Submission’

In another interview on Friday, GOP Sen. Rand Paul declared the Biden administration is utilizing the pandemic in order to impose collectivism and submission on the American people.

He was categorical that the pandemic is precisely about “growing government power” over the personal lives of the American citizens.

Paul pointed out science has been “clear” with respect to masks for a long time. He also emphasized that “not a single child” died in Sweden, which didn’t force children to wear masks.

The Kentucky senator warned America’s future is worrisome, considering that Europeans are ahead of us in the quest towards freedom, while Canadians are ahead in the attempts to “unwind” the mandates.

He also insisted there should be no mandate at all on child vaccination and the decision should be entirely up to the parents.