GOP Gets Organized Against Biden, Big Plans After Election

Next year, House Republicans intend to launch a barrage of inquiries against Joe Biden’s administration, covering everything from Hunter Biden to the borders and the disorganized American pullout from Afghanistan.

What’s the Plan

Subcommittee chairs-in-waiting have outlined a comprehensive set of oversight objectives beyond just Biden’s White House, notably Democrats’ creation of the Jan. 6 committee hearing, as the GOP gears up for what is sure to be a takeover of the House.

The U.S.-Mexico border, Afghanistan, sources of coronavirus, hyperinflation, and the party’s highest-profile goals are those that have the ability to politically hurt the presidency before 2024.

Republican senators are already dividing up which committee would handle each aspect of the investigation before the November elections.

Along with member-on-member conversations, this also involves interactions with Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, as well as other party leaders.

Rep. Kelly Armstrong expressed her admiration for the leadership displayed by Reps. Jim Jordan, Jamie Comer, and Kevin’s offices.

Republicans see executive branch supervision as a key component of their plan for 2023, in part because a split government would prevent most of their legislation aims from being accomplished.

In preparation for 2024, when it aims to win the White House, investigations also provide the House GOP high-profile opportunities to issue subpoenas and difficult questions to Biden officials.

Conservatives have already done the first steps, such as requesting documents, but they still need to determine the timetables and other details for each probe.

The Jan. 6 panel, government officials implicated in the Afghan pullout, and Twitter (over its legally contested sale to Elon Musk) are just a few of the recipients who have already received requests.

The Cases Pile Up

Republicans have a backlog of issues to explore after spending years in the House minority. The main problem, according to GOP members, won’t be identifying topics to look into, but rather narrowing their focus.


The Oversight Board is now a legislative spider with jurisdictional legs that may extend into all areas of the government. As it turns out, this precise board will be the source of a large portion of the investigative churning.

If Republicans gain control of Congress, Jamie Comer of Kentucky, who is slated to serve as panel chairman, said he was working to build the basis now so that he and his colleagues could get started straight away in January.

Conservatives on the subcommittee want to focus on cutting unnecessary government spending in a move to link the panel with the GOP’s larger agenda.

Furthermore, the Republican Party is aiming to conduct high-profile investigations into Hunter Biden’s dealings with foreign clients.

They are also anticipated to look at the Food and Drug Administration, which controls the supply of baby formula, as well as its current scarcity.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.