Left-wing Lie about Ron DeSantis Told by Woke Comedian

(CSpan snapshot shows Trevor Noah lying that he is seeing Ron DeSantis in the audience)

The extremist left has just told a big, cold-blooded lie about Florida’s superstar GOP Governor Ron DeSantis.

The lie came from the mouth of woke comedian Trevor Noah during the recent dinner of White House reporters hosted by Sleepy Joe.

Trevor Noah Saw People Who Weren’t There

The dinner of the White House Correspondents Association was packed with painful-to-watch, far-left Marxist performances.

Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden cracked bizarre and just terrible jokes about the current economic and political plight of the American people.

The White House event also featured a 26-minute performance by Trevor Noah, who put a lot of effort into bashing President Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and the Republican Party, as a whole.

Noah, in particular, went after DeSantis over the latter’s courageous fight against corporate wokeness and transgenderism.

However, it seems like the biggest act of hostility against DeSantis was Trevor Noah’s lie that DeSantis was actually in attendance at the communist event.

Throughout his performance, the host of The Daily Show kept pointing to “DeSantis” somewhere in the audience. Noah kept addressing him directly, as though Florida’s highly popular governor was right there before his lying eyes.

At the same time, videographers broadcasting the event struggled to show an actual “DeSantis” in the audience.

(Gov. DeSantis’ Facebook profile)

That Lefty Elite Caban Lies Again

Speaking on Monday, DeSantis exposed Trevor Noah’s monstrous lie.

The Florida governor revealed he not only didn’t go to Biden’s White House reporters’ dinner, but he actually turned down an invitation sent to him ahead of time.

DeSantis said he has “no interest” in that kind of event and he “would never attend” it. He was outraged and dumbfounded by how Noah and the event organizers “advertised” him being there, which was a blatant “lie.”

The Florida governor emphasized the Democrat-Marxist establishment actually lied about something which is “readily verifiable.”

The highly popular Republican politician declared the very “idea” that he could even go to an event like that “is false”. He wondered why the propaganda of the mainstream media would even want to lie about him being there.

DeSantis stressed, however, that the very fact of the blatant lie demonstrates the reason the cabal in question is “so reviled by many” of the American people.

It remains unclear whether woke comedian Trevor Noah was indeed aware that Florida’s governor wasn’t in attendance; organizers of the event actually included DeSantis’ name in the program, The Daily Mail reported.

However, it is highly likely that Noah knew and still lied through his teeth about DeSantis being there in order to slander him, while also lending bigger credibility to Biden’s White House reporters’ dinner.

This is an event that was completely avoided by President Trump during his four years in office, and apparently for a great reason.