Full Mobilization Russia’s Only Hope For Victory, Top Spy Says

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The prospects of a Russian victory in the current war with Ukraine have now become “hopeless,” according to Igor Girkin, a key Russian intelligence officer.

He recently turned into a raucous, adamant critic of Moscow tyrant Vladimir Putin.

Vocal Warmonger Blasts Putin

Girkin, who is also a Russian army veteran and uses the alias “Strelkov” (“Sharpshooter’s), has been fuming in recent weeks over the utter failure of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Russians are now seemingly trying to dig in the sliver of territories in the southeast and south of Ukraine that they managed to capture and hold since Putin’s invasion began on February 24.

The Ukrainians, in the meantime, are managing to hold the line in Donbas, and counterattacking elsewhere, as they are awaiting the arrival of American and other western heavy weaponry supplies.

In some of the latest developments, President Biden just signed into law the bill for providing Ukraine with $40 billion in military and other assistance.

The developments in Ukraine’s favor come against the backdrop of harrowing revelations of new Russian war crimes against Ukrainian civilians.

This includes freshly exposed rapes of people aged 1-78, in newly liberated villages around Kharkiv, including a case in which a one-year-old baby boy died after being raped by Putin’s beasts.

(Social media footage snapshot)

Total Mobilization Seen as Russia’s Only ‘Hope’

In his latest comments, Igor Girkin, aka Strelkov, painted a picture of the war in Ukraine

Girkin, who is classified as a war criminal by the government of Ukraine over his role in Russia’s first invasion of Ukraine back in 2014, declared it has now become “meaningless to hope” for a Russian victory in the war of invasion and conquest.

The ex-FSB officer admitted the Russian military is suffering “huge losses” and their commanders “leave much to be desired” in terms of skill and leadership.

Girkin also emphasized while the Russian troops are “banging their heads” against the hardened Ukrainian troops in the Donbass region, Ukraine’s government is mobilizing more soldiers and rapidly equipping them with top-notch, western-made weapons.

There is only one option Girkin presently sees as harboring the potential for a Russian victory: an all-out mobilization in Russia to raise millions of new soldiers.

That is a measure the Putin regime has been unwilling to introduce, apparently fearing a potential revolution or at least disgruntled masses.

Other independent military observers have cautioned that even if Russia goes ahead and mobilizes millions of new recruits, there won’t be enough hardware to equip them because of the vast losses of military equipment in Ukraine and biting western sanctions.

In his comments, Girkin predicted Russia’s attempt to advance on Ukrainians would be grinding to a halt towards mid-June, at which point Ukraine might stage some major counter-offensives.