Former New York Governor Being Investigated by the Justice Department

Months ago, then-New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo was hit with a series of sexual misconduct allegations. These allegations came from the women Cuomo worked with; the Democrat governor was accused of unwanted hugging, kissing, and touching.

Of course, the former New York governor denied that he did anything wrong. Nevertheless, after damning evidence surfaced from the state attorney general’s office, Cuomo stepped down from his post.

Earlier this week, Americans learned the former governor’s little brother, Chris Cuomo, was sacked from CNN on Tuesday.

The younger Cuomo’s firing came after the New York attorney general’s office revealed documents of him actively involving himself in his older brother’s defense by using his CNN media contacts.

On Thursday, however, the nation learned Andrew Cuomo is now being federally investigated by the United States Department of Justice, as Fox News confirms.

Everything to Know About the Cuomo Probe

Yesterday, the New York Comptroller’s Office revealed the ongoing probe into allegations of Cuomo subjecting women to sexual harassment. To be more precise, the Justice Department is presently investigating whether or not Cuomo breached civil statutes amid these claims.

There’s an interesting element to the investigation, though. Originally, the federal probe was initiated by how the former New York governor handled coronavirus back in 2020.

As Americans have since learned, Cuomo ordered individuals who were infected with coronavirus to be put into the same facilities as nursing home patients. Because these patients were inherently more vulnerable to the virus, many of them died.

If this wasn’t bad enough, Cuomo intentionally worked to cover up the matter and keep it hidden from the public. Obviously, the former New York governor’s attempts to cover his tracks didn’t go so well.

Of course, Cuomo is claiming through his attorney that this is all driven by politics. However, in light of the New York attorney general being a Democrat, just as Cuomo is, the argument of findings and investigations being driven by politics doesn’t hold water.

Where Does the Investigation Currently Stand?

Thus far, the Justice Department is not sharing updates about the particulars of their investigation into the former New York governor. The agency may be wanting to keep the specifics under wraps for legal and security reasons.

However, as the investigation continues, various sources are sure to report on the details that do become available. Many Americans believe it is high time Cuomo be held responsible for his actions.

The perception that Cuomo believed his position in politics and status as the New York governor made him untouchable is certainly out there. For this reason, Americans are hoping this investigation shows that no one is above the law.

What do you think about the Justice Department launching a federal investigation into the sexual harassment claims against Andrew Cuomo?