First Russian Soldier Tried For War Crimes Begs Forgiveness

(Social media footage snapshot shows the baby-faced Russian soldier in the courtroom)

A bizarre and painful scene played out in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv on Wednesday. Baby-faced 21-year-old Russian soldier faced off in court against the widow of a Ukrainian man he killed in cold blood.

This is the first trial of a war criminal from the war of the murderous Putin.

Widow Wishes War Criminal Would ‘Rot in Prison’

As of Thursday morning, the government of Ukraine registered more than 10,700 cases of war crimes committed by the invaders.

There are numerous cases of murder, torture, and rape of Ukrainian civilians and children.

On Wednesday, Vadim Shishimarin, 21, was put on trial by Ukraine. He also confessed to the crime he is accused of, and pled guilty, asking for forgiveness.

Kateryna Shelypova, the wife of 62-year-old Oleskandr Shelypov, the man Shishimarin killed, told him in the Kyiv courtroom she wouldn’t grant him forgiveness.

Shelypova said he should “rot in prison,” as cited by The Daily Mail.

The discoveries of mass graves, torture chambers, and survivors of gang rapes committed by Putin’s brutes have shocked the civilized world.

(Social media footage snapshot shows the widow in the courtroom)

Victim Was Soviet Soldier Who Guarded Dictator’s Residence in KGB Unit

As she confronted her husband’s killer in the Kyiv courtroom, widow Kateryna Shelypova asked the young Russian what he felt when he murdered Oleksandr and whether he repents.

Seeming repenting, at least based on his appearance, Shishimarin declared he admits his “guilt” and asks for “forgiveness” even though he understands the widow “cannot” do that.

Kateryna asked the young man whether he had come to Ukraine to “liberate” her from her husband.

Her question was a bitter ridicule of the vicious Russian propaganda that Moscow is “liberating” the people of Ukraine from some kind of “Nazism.”

Shishmarin murdered the Ukrainian pensioner by shooting his AK-47 out of a Volkwagen that his band of soldiers had hijacked from the local community.

Many of the Russian POWs captured by Ukraine have claimed they weren’t even told by their commander they were attacking another country; others were told they’d be met with flowers by the grateful Ukrainians.

Shishimarin told the court that his group of soldiers were trying to go back to Russia when he committed the war crime of murder.

While the group made it back to the main Russian forces in the region, Shishimarin himself was later captured by a group of Ukrainian civilians armed with hunting rifles during a repeated incursion.

Details about the victim, 62-year-old Oleksandr, an ethnic Ukrainian, reveal during his service in the Soviet military, he was assigned for two years as a security guard for the KGB unit of the residence of Soviet dictator Leonid Brezhnev.

Ironically, he was killed in a war started by Putin, a now-former KGB officer for 16 years.