Female Survivor Exposes China’s Hellish Ethnic Cleansing of Uighurs

China has unleashed an incredibly brutal ethnic cleansing campaign against one of its ethnic minorities. This is happening with hellish torture, forced sterilization of women, and long-term imprisonment in Nazi and Soviet-style concentration camps.

A female survivor has shockingly revealed this in a new book about real-time, 21st-century genocide by the government of communist China.

Right now, the ethnic Uyghurs, a Turkic Muslim community of several million people living in the Xinjiang autonomous region in Northwest China, are bearing the brunt of this.

China is Committing Genocide

For the past few years, many voices in the West have been denouncing the Chinese communist regime for carrying out an ethnic cleansing campaign.

Such voices are becoming stronger as more information about China’s Uyghur genocide has been getting leaked. However, the true scope of the horrifying genocidal crackdown against the Uyghurs remains unknown to this day.

Horrifying new details about the Uyghur genocide have been exposed by Gulbahar Haitiwaji, a 50-year-old Uyghur woman, who went through hell during her three years in a Chinese concentration camp.

This is revealed in her book, ‘How I Survived a Chinese “Re-education” Camp.’ The 50-year-old Uyghur survivor exposed part of the hell that she went through in China in a Daily Mail article based on her book.

She explained after she ended up in a concentration camp, she was forcibly given a “vaccine,” which turned out to be a sterilization substance, destroying women’s organs for conceiving a child.

While Haitiwaji is 50 and already has two grown children, she describes the horror of young Uyghur women who were forcibly sterilized, stopped having their periods, and figured out they would never be able to have children.

Haitiwaji reveals she and her husband are ethnic Uyghurs who are oil engineers. They fled to France with their two daughters back in 2006, due to increasing repression against their ethnicity in its homeland.

Tricked by the Chinese Regime to be Captured, Tortured, and ‘Re-educated’

Ten years later, in 2016, the Uyghur woman made the most terrible mistake of her life. She was contacted by a Chinese official, asking her to go back to Xinjiang to sign some documents about her pension.

It turned out the whole thing was a trap laid for her as a Uyghur exile by the Chinese intelligence. Back in Xinjiang, she was immediately arrested, imprisoned, and the horrifying torture began.

Haitiwaji points out more than one million Uyghurs have been subjected to the same nightmare, putting their bodies “through hell” and their minds on “the brink of madness.”

Before she was thrown into the “Chinese re-education” camp, she was tortured for several months in order to admit guilt to false accusations her husband belonged to an Islamist terrorist organization.

Once inside the concentration camp, she and the other Uyghur women were forced to learn by heart and recite material glorifying the Chinese Communist Party for 11 hours every day.

After she broke down and admitted all possible sins against China that her torturers were asking her to, Haitiwaji was then forced by Chinese intelligence to contact her family in France.

They then used her to conduct a disgusting disinformation campaign to deny there was any torture or ethnic cleansing against the Uyghurs.

In spite of the hell Haitiwaji went through, she got “lucky,” thanks to her French connections. Her daughters kept raising the alarm about her going missing; the French authorities then ended taking up the case, even though she technically didn’t have French citizenship.

Since she managed to make the Chinese authorities believe she “repented” for all made-up “crimes” of her family, in 2019, she was freed and got to return to France.

Millions of other Uyghurs, however, haven’t had such luck, and they have nowhere to flee. Last year, a male Uyghur intellectual, now exiled in Norway, revealed his own experience with China’s concentration camps.

Among other forms of torture, he was gang-raped by other inmates who were forced to do that.