Fauci Calls GOP Senator ‘Moron’ Over Financial Disclosure Demand

The highly controversial Dr. Anthony Fauci directly insulted a Republican lawmaker by calling him “a moron” after the latter asked Fauci for a full disclosure of his finances.

Fauci’s slip of arrogant outrage

81-year-old Fauci was caught on the mic, during a hearing before the Senate Health Committee on Tuesday, as he insulted Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas.

Marshall, who is an obstetrician by training, accused Fauci of hiding his finances. He did it while displaying a phony, blown-up check to Anthony Fauci on behalf of US taxpayers for the sum of $434,312, which was Fauci’s salary in 2020.

“What a moron,” Fauci could be heard after Sen. Marshall’s time was up, adding the exclamation, “Jesus Christ!”

Fauci is apparently enjoying trying to dictate the personal lives of more than 330 million American citizens. He replied to Marshall’s request for full financial disclosure by arguing his finances are “public knowledge” and have been for the past 37 years.

In his remarks, Sen. Roger Marshall implied Fauci may be involved in insider trading.

The senator insisted his office hasn’t been able to find Fauci’s financial disclosures; Marshall also stated “big tech giants” seem to be keeping it from public access.

After the hearing and Fauci’s insult, Marshall released a statement attributing that to the bureaucrat’s “frustrating day.”

He added there is a “bombshell report” showing that Fauci awarded US taxpayers’ money to gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China; plus, the latter’s financial disclosure isn’t publicly available.

Fauci using his federal salary to attack scientists

Before Fauci called an elected member of the United States Senate “a moron,” he engaged in a heated exchange with another Republican senator, Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Paul, who is an ophthalmologist by training, may have done more than anybody else to expose the covert dealings of Fauci.

In the summer, Paul exposed papers, demonstrating the NIAID provided funding to gain-of-function research into bat coronaviruses in Wuhan, China. This happened in collaboration with the Chinese state-run Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Therefore, it may be implicated in the origin of COVID-19. In their exchange on Tuesday, Fauci threw serious accusations at Sen. Paul, accusing him of attacks in order to gain political benefits.

The well-paid bureaucrat also claimed Paul is distorting “everything” he says, thus becoming an inspiration for “crazies” wishing to kill him.

Prior to that, Senator Paul exposed Fauci for utilizing his annual salary of $420,000, which is the highest in the US federal government, to crack down on scientists who disagree with him.

Paul further described Fauci as “the lead architect” of the pandemic response, particularly under the Biden administration, which resulted in the deaths of 800,000 Americans.

The Kentucky senator additionally called for Fauci’s firing and prosecution, as he referred to emails between Fauci and his boss, head of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins.

In the exchange, Fauci and Collins dismissed a report stating coronavirus began at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. This completely enraged Fauci, who claimed Paul was “completely incorrect.”

Among the other scandals surrounding Fauci, it has been revealed he was wasting US taxpayers’ money on various studies involving HIV among transsexuals.

This includes a study that spent over $200,000 on producing “transsexual” monkeys by dosing male primates with female hormones.