Far Left Fanatics Attack Fox News Studio

Ever since the decision overturning Roe v. Wade, the far left in this country has been in a tizzy. The controversial decision was made by 6 to 3 in the Supreme Court and will turn the matter of abortion back over to the states.

Basically, the conservative-leaning justices on the Supreme Court found the Constitution doesn’t mention abortion and it isn’t reasonable to say it’s covered by the 14th Amendment.

Therefore, they turned the matter back to the people and their elected representatives at the state level to decide.

This has infuriated the left, with liberal pop band Green Day recently shouting “f–k America!” in a concert in the UK and angry people roving the streets, causing violence.

This is what happened recently during protests outside Fox News HQ in New York.

Rioters Attack Fox Studio

On Friday night, disorder reached a peak in various areas, including around the Fox studio in New York. Fox Reporter Ashley Stohmier described the scene, saying she’s been in the studio downtown when the violence started.

She heard people swearing about Fox News and then discovered rioters kicked and pushed down the security fencing around the studio, spraying it with graffiti.

They were also throwing various objects at the studio itself, while Stohmier was in it. About 20 minutes of this kept up before the leftist mob moved on to cause trouble elsewhere.

Readers may recall an unhinged leftist who burned the Christmas tree outside the Fox studio this past December; so problems around this area aren’t exactly anything new.

However, this must have been a scary experience for Stohmier.

A Rash of Attacks

This is simply a small blip in a rash of attacks in the past week since the SCOTUS decision. We’ve seen pro-life politicians attacked, pregnancy resource centers firebombed and burned, rioters attack people in the streets, and more.

Violent pro-choice protesters have had to be restrained from Seattle to South Carolina because they simply won’t control their emotions to stop being violent.

Nonetheless, we can see that this violence is still far less than in the summer of 2020 when the radical left encouraged mobs to burn down cities for the sake of fighting racism.

In this case, Joe Biden also tried to call off the mob for the simple reason it would undermine the January 6 narrative and he doesn’t want this to backfire on him for the midterms.

Instead, he and the Democrats want to be able to use the overturning of Roe to energize their base to get to the polls.

The Bottom Line

If this was happening against CNN or the left, we would hear about it on a 24/7 mainstream news cycle; the FBI would be doing raids at all hours of the day.

This country is in the grip of extreme hypocrisy and a very disturbing double standard.