‘F–k America:’ Green Day Lead Singer Goes on Deranged Rant

Green Day is one of the top-selling bands in the world, producing a kind of punk-pop that gets played on top 40 charts.

It’s no secret they’re left-wing, with past songs like “American Idiot” making it very clear they have no love for the GOP or conservatives.

Green Day’s lead singer is a 50-year-old man called Billie Joe Armstrong from Oakland, California, who still dresses like he’s 11 and wears eyeliner.

Armstrong recently went on an unhinged rant at a concert in London, England, sounding off about the US Supreme Court’s recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, which puts the matter of a woman’s right to abortion back to the states to decide.

‘F–k America!’

Shouting in between songs at his show in London, England on Friday, Armstrong said he really will give up his American citizenship and he’s “not kidding.”

He screamed “f–k America!” and said he’s going to the UK instead where they don’t have the same “stupid f–king sh–” as back in America, including “pricks” on the Supreme Court.

“F–k the Supreme Court,” Armstrong yelled like a petulant child in his profanity-laced tirade. Armstrong has led the band, which is named after smoking marijuana, since 1987.

He went on to continue his angry outburst at his country of birth the next day in a follow-up show in the UK; he said he hates the Supreme Court and the way they are limiting abortion rights.

Armstrong seems not to realize his home state of California will still have plenty of his precious abortions going on, since the overturning of Roe simply returns the matter to the states.

A History of Idiocy

This guy who calls conservatives idiots has a history of being an idiot. He previously said that President Trump is like Hitler and the worst thing about Trump is those who like him.

Calling them angry, poor people who Trump took advantage of in using their anger, Armstrong said it’s the same as “f–king Hitler!”

Green Day has basically been saying how much they hate America for decades now and making money from Americans who like to hear them say that.

It’s ironic their songs sing about a country “controlled by the media,” since this nitwit is simply repeating lies told to him by the liberal media.

These lies aren’t even true. Green Day is using them to rile up a bunch of bourgeois concertgoers in London.

The Bottom Line

Armstrong should stay in the UK permanently. He can keep singing his songs about hating America from over there if it’s so bad here.

He may be interested to know the UK and most European countries have stricter abortion restrictions than the United States, but then again, it looks like facts aren’t really his thing.