Ex-Aide Reveals How to Stop Putin’s Ukraine War in One Month

Bloodthirsty Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin could be brought down to his knees, and his nauseating war in Ukraine could be stopped in just one month, a former Putin adviser has said.

According to Andrei Illarionov, who advised Putin from 2000 until the end of 2005, the West could stop the Russian attack on Ukraine if it stops buying Russian oil and natural gas for one to two months.

The Clear Way to Stop Putin

According to Putin’s ex-chief economic adviser, the United States and its allies need to impose a “real embargo” on Russian energy exports in order to stop the aggression of the Moscow dictator.

While the US Congress recently approved the banning of Russian energy imports, the real problem is in Europe. Many of the member states of the US-led NATO alliance and the European Union are heavily dependent on Russian natural gas and oil.

Earlier this month, the EU’s chief foreign policy official, Josep Borell of Spain, announced since the start of Putin’s war, the EU has paid Russia some 35 billion euros for natural gas and oil deliveries and granted Ukraine only $1 billion in aid.

Putin’s former economic adviser Illarionov, who now lives in the United States, told the BBC on Sunday the Russian regime just “doesn’t take seriously” recent threats of the Europeans to cut down their imports of Russian energy.

The 27 EU member states receive about 40% of their natural gas and 27% of their oil from Russia.

Some member states in Central and Eastern Europe literally have no alternative suppliers as a result of their former situation as satellites of the former Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Thus, many US allies in Europe, while technically denouncing Putin’s war in Ukraine and even providing massive aid to the Ukrainians, are forced to simultaneously fund his invasion with lavish energy payments.

Any efforts on their part have been complicated severely by the fact that the Biden administration refused to boost America’s production of natural gas and oil to offset the potential loss of Russian supplies.

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‘Real’ Oil and Gas Embargo Needed

According to Illarionov, the West ought to try to put in force a “real oil and gas embargo” on Russia.

He said he “would bet” this would cause the cessation of the Russian war in Ukraine “within a month or two”.

The Russian economics professor declared the ban on Russian oil and natural gas as “one of the very effective” tools to crush Putin.

Last week, in response to the revelations of atrocious Russian war crimes in Bucha and other towns in northern Ukraine, the European Union slapped a ban on the imports of Russian coal.

Coal, however, is a far less substantial source of revenue for the Russian regime.

Even though the United States and its allies have already hit Russia and its puppet Belarus with sanctions, Illarionov says Putin could weather them, unless more severe sanctions are introduced.

Putin’s former economic adviser cautioned that his ex-boss’ “imperial and territorial ambitions” are clearly far more important to him than “livelihoods of the Russians” or the general economic situation of Russia.