Estranged Niece Cashes In Big on Donald Trump Bashing

Mary Trump, the estranged and seemingly spiteful niece of President Donald Trump, who has been trying to frame him in the public mind as an evil “fascist”, has just demonstrated that she has made big money out of all of her bashing of her famous uncle.

Taking Revenge against Own Family While Raking In Cash

56-year-old Mary Trump, a psychologist, is the daughter of Fred Trump Jr., the deceased elder brother of President Trump.

She has been estranged from the rest of the Trump family, starting in 1999 when she and her brother Fred Trump III contested the will of their grandfather and President Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump Sr., after his death.

In the 2016 presidential election campaign, Mary Trump openly supported Hillary Clinton. Yet, as her world-famous unclear defeated the former Democrat First Lady to become the 45th President of the United States, Mary Trump apparently figured she could make big bucks out of her hatred for the Trump family and personally for the President himself.

In 2020, she published her “memoir”, an epitome of nasty Donald Trump bashing, entitled “Too Much and Never Enough”, with a secondary title claiming that the book is about how Mary’s family “created” “the most dangerous man” in the world.

Ultimately, Mary Trump must have been really happy that Hillary Clinton didn’t win the White House back in 2016 because otherwise the former would never been able to cash in on her long-standing hatred for her famous uncle.

Her book of all-out bashing of President Trump and the entire Trump family sold close to 1 million copies just in pre-orders as it was about to be released in 2020, and she tried to boost that as much as possible as she reiterated her nasty claims and insults from POTUS 45 in plentiful mainstream media interviews.

Trump Bashing Pays Off for Blood Relative

All of that bashing of President Trump, playing to the lowly sentiment of the radical leftist crowd, appears to have lavishly paid off for Mary Trump.

She has just demonstrated that it has by paying $7 million for an apparent in a posh neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City.

The apartment bought with Donald Trump bashing money is located in SoHo, at 565 Broome Street, The Daily Mail reported.

It is in a 30-story building designed by an award-winning Italian architect, Renzo Piano, and offers beautiful views of New York City and the Hudson River.

Mary Trump’s new Manhattan apartment has three bedrooms, and an area of almost 2,250 square feet. It was sold directly by the developer.

Besides President Trump’s estranged niece, another famous apartment owner in the same building is Travis Kalanick, one of the co-founders of ride-hailing service Uber. He purchased a $36-million penthouse in the SoHo building back in 2018.


Even though her Trump-bashing-payout apartment is more modest than Kalanick’s, Mary Trump has still done well for herself with all of her attacks on the 45th President of the United States.

Seemingly trying to milk her passionate verbal abuse of President Trump, in 2021, Mary Trump released another anti-Trump book, as a follow-up of “Too Much and Never Enough.”

The new one is entitled “The Reckoning”, with secondary title that it is about America’s “trauma” and how it can find “a way to heal”.

Besides trying to stick the label of a “fascist” to her uncle, in her 2020 cash cow book, Mary Trump claimed that lying has been “a way of life” for the Trump family, including for both President Donald Trump and his father – and her grandfather – Fred Trump Sr.

Back in 2020, when he was still on Twitter, before he got viciously censored by the radical leftism of Big Tech in January 2021, POTUS 45 denounced the book released by a person that he described as his “seldom-seen niece”.

He revealed that Mary Trump knew very little about him, and that his parents couldn’t stand her.

“She’s a mess,” the President declared back then, stating that his niece “violated her NDA”, and is saying “untruthful things” about her grandparents. He also mentioned that lots of books had been and would be written about him, potentially hinting that this might be seen by a lot of people as a quick money-making exercise.

With her lavish Manhattan apartment purchases, Mary Trump clearly demonstrates that this works, especially if it is geared towards the radical left, anti-Trump crowd.

The estranged niece of President Trump remains a regular guest commentator on mainstream far-left media such as MSNBC, and she keeps trying to portray him as nothing but a vicious “fascist”.