Entire Ukrainian City Chooses Death Over Surrendering to Putin

(Snapshot from social media footage shows a Russian thermobaric weapon used by Putin's brutes to exterminate Ukrainians in Mariupol)

More than 300,000 Ukrainians – soldiers and civilians alike – in the besieged coastal maritime city of Mariupol have chosen death over surrendering to the brutes of murderous Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin.

This comes after a nauseating ultimatum by the Russian mass murderers. Putin is believed to have a special hatred for Mariupol.

Back in 2014, when the Russian dictator first invaded Ukraine (seizing the Crimean Peninsula and de facto seizing parts of the Donbass region in Eastern Ukraine), the majority Russian-speaking Mariupol refused to join Russia and resisted.

Putin Hates Mariupol’s Guts, So He’s Having It Gutted

Russians troops who managed to besiege Mariupol early on and isolate it from the rest of Ukraine have turned the coastal city into hell on earth.

They are bombing maternity wards, the city theater, kindergartens, residential blocks, and anything in sight; the residents of the city have been surviving without drinking water, food, electricity or heating for several weeks now.

To top it all off, Russia repeatedly lied that it would allow civilians to evacuate west towards Ukraine, and then bombed the refugees gathering for evacuation.

Russia only allowed evacuation east, into Russian territory, and seemingly because of Putin’s sick plan. Ukrainians who escaped to Russian-controlled lands have now been deported to Nazi and Soviet-style labor camps in Siberia, according to the Mariupol City Council.

Meanwhile, Daria Morozova, a Putin stooge, announced all those who remain in the city and are caught will face “military tribunals” for made-up crimes.

Statements and comments coming from all sides made it clear the people of Mariupol preferred to die than surrender to the bloodthirsty monster that Putin is.

(Snapshot from social media footage shows a Russian thermobaric weapon used by Putin’s brutes to exterminate Ukrainians in Mariupol)

Russia Using Banned Thermobaric Weapons, Bragging About It

Russian brutes have already reached the downtown of Mariupol; there is heavy street-to-street fighting, including with brutal Chechen murderers who are personally loyal to Putin.

The report quotes the CEO of a Mariupol TV station, Nick Osychenko, who managed to escape from the city with six family members, some of them four-year-old children.

He said there were dead bodies in almost every street, and the sight all of the city is “just frightening”.

To top it all off, the Russians are already making good on their promise to obliterate the city; they are not only using banned thermobaric weapons – the called vacuum bombs – but are also openly bragging about it.

Videos released by the Donetsk People’s Republic and the English-language propaganda TV network Russia Today (RT) showed the TOS-1a “heavy flamethrower system” as it was firing rockets towards the civilian populated areas.

Terrifying thermobaric bombs generate fireballs that suck up oxygen from the hit area, vaporizing nearby bodies and rupturing the organs of those as far as a mile away.