Elon Musk’s Conflict with Bill Gates Escalates

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Microsoft founder Bill Gates are increasingly engaging in a war with one another.

The revelation came right after Musk brutally offended Gates by comparing his look to that of Apple’s ludicrous transgender “pregnant man” emoji.

Pregnant Bill Gates Shorting Tesla

Elon Musk remains the richest person in the world, with his fortune on paper hovering around $270 million.

Bill Gates, on the other hand, now remains fourth with a fortune of $130 billion, or less than half that of Musk.

The two tycoons have a history of conflict, or at least of not seeing eye to eye on crucial issues, such as Tesla’s electric vehicles and the utility of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

Musk is also taking a decisively anti-woke, pro-freedom-of-speech, and pro-democracy stance.

However, up until the Tesla CEO compared Gates and his bulging belly to that of the nauseating pregnant man emoji, their falling out had never been that ugly.

The escalation of the Musk – Gates war was underscored as the world’s richest man confirmed he previously rejected the overtures of Microsoft’s founder for collaboration on climate change.

Elon Musk’s corroborated media leaks showed he turned down Gates, but he also revealed the reason for that was the fact the latter was “shorting Tesla.”

Leaked text messages – which were first published by DeFiance Media on Twitter, as cited by Fox News – show it was Gates who approached Musk for “philanthropy.”

(The collage tweeted by Elon Musk)

Musk Caught Gates Red-Handed

As per the texts, Musk replied by asking Gates whether he still has a “shorting position” on Tesla worth half a billion dollars.

The Microsoft founder admits to that, and even apologizes that he hadn’t closed it yet. Gates insists he still wants to talk philanthropy with Musk.

Musk, however, retorted with a scathingly critical reply.

He says he has no way of discussing “climate change philanthropy” with Gates, as the latter is shorting Tesla – in Musk’s words, the company which is helping the most to tackle climate change.

Several hours after the exchange was leaked online on Friday, Musk confirmed the screenshots in question show his authentic communication with Bill Gates.

Musk was asked by a Twitter user if the leaks are true, and the Tesla CEO answered with “yeah.”

However, Musk also noted it was not him who leaked the texts to the New York Times. He wrote further the leak must have come from “friends of friends.”

The world’s richest person then said he had learned from “multiple people at TED” about Gates’ shorting of Tesla, so that isn’t really “top secret.”

However, the exchange in the leaked texts certainly wasn’t publicly known. When put together with the pregnant man emoji comparison, it shows the war between Elon Musk and Bill Gates is turning increasingly ugly.