Desperate Putin Resorts to Arab Mercenaries for War in Ukraine

(Snapshot from Russian TV footage shows fully armed Syrian "volunteers" with Putin banners ready to fight for Russia in Ukraine)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin seems to be getting desperate about his quagmire invasion of plucky, democratic Ukraine.

He is now resorting to recruiting thousands of Arab mercenaries from Syria and other Arab countries to fight the Ukrainians as a way of avoiding an all-out draft of Russian conscripts.

Putin Lacks the Manpower

Putin began the bloody invasion of Ukraine on February 24 with nearly 200,000 troops attacking from three sides.

In 15 days of fighting so far, Putin’s hordes have managed to conquer only one major Ukrainian city, Kherson in the south. The Moscow strongman seemingly hoped to make Ukraine part of his empire in no more than one to two days.

As the initial blitzkrieg of the Moscow dictator failed, it became clear he doesn’t have the numbers to occupy Ukraine.

That is why the Russian dictator, who is now widely compared to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler during World War II, is resorting to other means of procuring more men for his brutal, bloody attempt to conquer Ukraine.

On Friday, Putin approved the deployment of 16,000 “volunteers”, i.e. mercenaries from Arab countries in the Middle East, primarily Syria, in Eastern Ukraine, as cited by Interfax Ukraine.

Syrian Arabs to Aid Moscow’s Proxies in Eastern Ukraine

The Syrian and other Arab mercenaries are supposed to fight alongside Russian proxies in Ukraine’s Donbas region.

The Russian proxies in Donbas are de facto part of the Russian military, although they are formally separate “independent republics.” They have been facing the best of Ukraine’s military because that is where the war has been for the past eight years.

During a meeting on Friday of Russia’s Security Council, Putin’s close protégé and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu informed a total of 16,000 volunteers from the Middle East are prepared to support Russia in the Donbas in the east of Ukraine.

Shoigu claimed the Syrian and other Arab fighters are coming to Russia’s aid “not for money,” but “on their own accord.”

Putin concurred with their deployment, and also approved a proposal by Shoigu to give the Donbas proxies of Moscow western weapons captured from the Ukrainian military.

In the meantime, Zvezda TV, the Russian Defense Ministry TV channel, aired footage showing the Syrian fighters sent by Putin to terrorize Ukrainians, as his own military proved not to be up to the task of overwhelming Ukraine’s heroic resistance.

Meanwhile, a social media video emerged of soldiers from the Central African Republic stating they are going to fight for the Russians in Ukraine. CAR is one of the countries where Putin’s private militia Wagner intervened recently.

Ukraine itself is recruiting international volunteers to help it survive the Russian invasion, with more than 20,000 signing up already from all over the world.

However, these are actual volunteers, as opposed to the Syrian Arabs who seem to be dispatched to Putin at the orders of his stooge and dictator friend Bashar al-Assad.