Trump Has Huge Lead for 2024, with DeSantis Coming in Second

President Donald Trump is the top bidder for the 2024 presidential nomination of the Republican Party, according to the results of a fresh public opinion poll.

Mike Pence Nearly on Par with DeSantis

The same survey shows that Florida’s GOP Governor Ron DeSantis is a very distant second in a potential contest for the Republican nomination. That is in spite of DeSantis’ growing popularity among Republicans nationwide.

Thus, according to the results from the new poll by Harvard CAPS and Harris, reported by The Hill, Trump would get the support of a total of 57% of the Republican voters.

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis remains 45 points behind Trump, with only 12% of the GOP electorate preferring him as their top 2024 presidential nomination pick.

Third in the ranking is Trump’s former running mate, Mike Pence, who, with 11% has nearly as much support among Republican voters as DeSantis.

President Trump hasn’t made his 2024 candidacy official yet in order to avoid triggering campaign funding rules that would put him at a disadvantage this early on.

Trump has hinted very strongly and numerous times over the past year that he will be seeking the next Republican presidential nomination.

The Harvard/Harris poll, however, also tested a hypothetical situation in which Trump doesn’t run for president in 2024.

In that case, Florida’s Governor DeSantis is emerging as more of a winner, as he scored 30% of the Republican voters’ support, while ex-Vice President Mike Pence remained second with 24%.

The poll results have been revealed amid reports in mainstream leftist media pushing the narrative of a conflict between DeSantis and Trump.

Both of them, however, have dispelled the rumors about a rift between them. Trump called the media reports in question “fake news” and stated they have a “very good relationship”.

Trump, DeSantis Would Defeat Sleepy Joe and Kamala

The Harvard/Harris poll revealed more good news for President Donald Trump. In a hypothetical electoral race against Biden, Trump has a lead of 46% to 40% with American voters.

If Trump is to face Sleepy Joe’s running mate, Kamala Harris, the score in his favor is even bigger: 49% to 39%.

The same survey likewise found that if Ron DeSantis is pitted against Kamala Harris for the US presidency, he will be the top choice of 40% vs. 39% for Kamala. Also, in that case, a whopping 21% would be undecided.

The Harvard/Harris survey also polled Democrat voters about the 2024 Democratic Party nomination.

They found that Joe Biden scored the support of 32% of leftist voters; Kamala Harris came in second with 14%, while Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are tied for the third spot at 11% each.

If Biden doesn’t run for election, the results show 23% support for Kamala Harris, 17% for Hillary Clinton, and 12% for Bernie Sanders.

The Harvard/Harris poll canvassed virtually a total of 1,815 registered voters on January 19-20, 2022.