DeSantis’ Legal Counsel Responds to “Ron to the Rescue” PAC

Various PACs are coming out in favor of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis running for president in the 2024 election. DeSantis has also seen massive gains in hypothetical GOP primary polls since securing a second term as Florida’s governor by nearly 20 points.

Those in the Republican Party who soured on former President Trump are likewise looking at DeSantis as a viable alternative. Some have said that DeSantis is savvier than Trump and will be more effective at policy without alienating so many individuals.

With more talk about DeSantis possibly running for president in 2024, PACs like Ready For Ron and Ron to the Rescue are emerging. However, the legal counsel for the Florida governor is now responding to this, per Fox News.

What to Know About Pro-DeSantis PACs

The Florida governor’s legal counsel, Benjamin Gibson, announced in messaging to DeSantis’ donors that PACs like Ron to the Rescue are not affiliated with the governor.

Gibson also said that even if these PACs do have good intentions, they haven’t been in contact with DeSantis or his administration. Likewise, the Florida governor has not given permission for these PACs to use his likeness or name to raise funds.

Ron to the Rescue has been putting out various ads and other material that promote DeSantis as the best shot for Republicans in the 2024 presidential election. At this time, the Florida governor has not yet announced plans to run for the White House.

It hasn’t even been a full two weeks since DeSantis was reelected to keep leading his own state. In the event that DeSantis does end up announcing a presidential run, it’s unlikely to arrive before 2023.

More From Gibson

DeSantis’ legal counsel warned that because the aforementioned PACs are not connected to the governor, any donations they collect also won’t be benefiting him.  Thus far, Ron to the Rescue is believed to have been started by John Thomas, a Republican strategist.

According to Thomas, however, the purpose of Ron to the Rescue is to do the heavy lifting for the Florida governor and add to his momentum, in the event that he does decide to run for the White House.

The emergence of pro-DeSantis PACs arrives as various Republican donors are cutting Trump loose and expressing an interest in backing DeSantis.

Legacy conservative media outlets like New York Post and Wall Street Journal are likewise washing their hands of Trump and signaling openness to alternatives. Not too long ago, the Post ran a cover that showed the Florida governor and his family as “DeFuture.”

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This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.