Democrats Will Destroy America Over Their Hatred of Trump

According to a liberal writer in the Washington Post, if liberals can’t get through their anger and disdain for President Trump’s supporters, the United States will collapse.
According to Washington Post book critic Joe Klein, “We understand if we don’t work this out, we may not have a nation.”

What’s Going On

Mark Leibovitch’s book outlines how traditional GOP leaders can almost get away with ruining American democracy, due to the fact a sizable portion of Americans, specifically those who voted for Trump, are too lazy, obnoxious, and prejudiced to care.

“I completely agree with Caitlin Flanagan of the Atlantic when she says the [January 6] rioters were deadbeat fathers, YouPorn fans, sluggish learners, and MMA fans… with stomachs filled with beer and Sausages McMuffins, perhaps a little high on Adderall.”

For liberals, [the criticism is] a catharsis!

It feels really good to whup the yokels upside the noggin, doesn’t it, after those minutes of trying to understand why the most pampered, wealthy, and free people in history are so mad [at the D.C. institution].

“In other words, the oh-so-civilized endeavors of our [elite] to “listen” eventually devolve into pampering.”

“Our sincere efforts to mend the nation’s wounds end up resembling the Republicans’ submission to the Trump supporters’ slovenly stupidity. Why can’t we feel the same rage they do toward us?”

For the self-described intelligent folks who want to govern the country, curiosity as to what voters desire would seem to be a good ability.

However, institutional Democrats and Republicans seem to lose interest anytime the general public favors ideas that jeopardize their livelihood and reputation as the “best and brightest,” as they like to refer to themselves.

Leaders in both organizations are still remarkably uninterested in the suffering that their elite advocacy for racial diversity, sexual disorder, job outsourcing, and wealth-shifting migration inflicts on Americans six years after Trump was elected.

When the subject of immigration pops up, this lack of interest is evident on both sides of the aisle.

We Chose Trump

Americans chose Donald Trump in 2016 because of his stance on immigration.

Though seven months later, the D.C. elite is still keen to lure customers, employees, and tenants from underdeveloped nations in order to boost the economy for CEOs and investors.

The D.C. elite recruited tens of millions of migrants and visa holders from developing nations since at least 1990 to work legally or illegally, as temporary workers, customers, and renters for different U.S. investors and CEOs.

The Extraction Migration federal economic strategy has distorted the American free market by increasing the labor supply to the advantage of employers.

Ordinary Americans suffer from the inflationary policy because it makes it challenging for them to start or grow a family, develop in their careers, or purchase real estate.