COVID Mandates Trigger Exasperation Amongst Business Owners

Over the course of years now, left-wing politicians have thrown their weight behind various COVID mandates. They saw no problems at all when the government began ordering businesses to close and demanding for people to stay in their homes.

Democrats likewise had no issues when mask mandates came out; nor did they complain when the government limited the amount of people businesses were able to give service to.

Furthermore, Democrats have been largely all in on vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and requirements that Americans show proof of vaccination in order to enter public spaces.

However, while Democrats may love these mandates, they’re growing increasingly unpopular across the United States. According to Fox Business, business owners are quickly getting tired of COVID mandates altogether.

Where Today’s Business Owners Stand on COVID Mandates

This week, Adam Kovacs, the gym owner of Sonoma Fit in California, spoke about the issues he and other business owners are having with various mandates that Democrats love so much.

Kovacs told Fox News it’s frustrating to witness the fitness and gym industry be harmed by mandates that have no end in sight. The small business owner then noted that for ten months, California barred him from operating Sonoma Fit.

Now, the California Health and Human Services Department is implementing indoor mask mandates again, despite all the existing vaccination mandates the state already has.

None of these mandates are stopping rising COVID cases in California; however, the state is still standing by these edicts. Everyone in the deeply blue state must mask up in indoor settings, even if they’re vaccinated and boosted against COVID.

The Demise of Federal COVID Mandates

When it comes to COVID mandates at the state and local levels, many people may be forced to deal with these measures, unless they’re willing to move to places that don’t have them.

Already, there’s been a massive, well-documented increase in folks leaving blue states like California and New York for red states like Florida and Texas. Like Adam Kovacs, many folks (business owners and consumers alike) are sick of government mandates and don’t want to live with them.

However, while local and state COVID mandates are harder to tackle, the same cannot be said for federal mandates.

At countless turns, the White House’s attempts to implement federal, sweeping COVID mandates that impact millions of Americans have been blocked and shut down by the courts.

Conservative political leaders, along with religious and business organizations, sued the Biden administration over COVID vaccine mandates, stating the 46th president is superseding his legal bounds.

Later this week, the United States Supreme Court will even hear out legal challenges against the COVID vaccine mandates Biden’s been pushing on millions of Americans.

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