Covert Soros-Funded Organization Pulling Strings in Biden Administration

A highly secretive group evidently funded by far-left Marxist billionaire George Soros seems to be pulling a lot of strings inside the administration of Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden, according to internal papers.

The Soros-funded group in question is called “Governing for Impact.”

An internal memo reported by Fox News revealed, under the Biden administration, Governing for Impact managed to “implement” more than 20 of its policy goals as Sleepy Joe took over the White House.

Hidden From the World

Apparently, Governing for Impact, or GFI, has been eager to reverse or kill key deregulations adopted by the US government under the administration of President Trump.

This includes a number of social policy fields, such as education, healthcare, labor issues, housing, and the environment.

As per Fox News, a search for “Governing for Impact” yields results about an unrelated entity called “Govern for Impact.”

It also shows a brief mention in a past Fox News report on a dark money network managed by Arabella Advisors, an entity worth $1.6 billion, of which GFI is a part.

The only other public space traced from GFI is a now-deleted ad on the website of Harvard Law School, which offered “legal policy internships.”

The advertisement stated “Governing for Impact” was founded in order to help prepare the administration of Joe Biden for “transformative governance.”

Interestingly enough, an upcoming book by two New York Times journalists claimed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said former President Obama is “jealous” of the administration of Joe Biden because it is “more transformative” than his own.

The now-deleted Harvard Law School ad for Governing for Impact disclosed that the group came up with “more than 60 regulatory recommendations” for the Biden administration.

According to the memo, it already managed to have one-third of those implemented in the federal government within just 15 months of Biden’s White House tenure.

Dark Money and a Billionaire-Funded Marxist Group

Despite its hiding from the search engine results, Fox News managed to discover the active website, which may only be accessed if a person “knows the exact URL.”

The website does disclose that the Soros-funded Governing for Impact group is “steered” by an alum of Harvard Law School, Rachael Klarman.

Her father is Michael Klarman, an HLS professor with known ties to progressive, Marxist advocacy groups.

Fox News quotes Tom Perriello, the director of the Open Society Foundation, George Soros’ best-known nonprofit, as saying the foundation is “proud to support” GFI.

Perriello also declared the Soros foundation’s support for Governing for Impact is listed on their website, and the NPO’s enthusiasm for GFI is “transparent.”

The report quotes Parker Thayer, of the Capital Research Center, as saying that Governing for Impact is a “dark money project” which pushed upon federal government regulations “from the shadows.”

In his words, the GFI’s work is “hidden from the American public” and funded by the foundation of George Soros. Thus, GFI “embodies” the very things “the left pretends” to detest.