Cloth Face Coverings Viewed as Increasingly Ineffective

For nearly two years now, health officials have been hyping up face coverings. The argument in favor of masks alleges that they stop the spread of COVID; however, the actual science on this matter has been shaky at best.

Time and time again, however, health officials moved the goalposts on measures that are needed to put COVID behind us and move back to normal.

However, in an ironic twist, the emergence of new COVID variants is continuing to reveal just how wrong health officials have been. For instance, it has now come out that face coverings have absolutely no impact on omicron, as Fox News reports.

Bad News for Mask Mandate Supporters

According to the Mayo Clinic, anyone who enters their facilities with cloth masks will need to put on a mask that is of medical grade on top of the cloth one.

This development comes after the Wall Street Journal revealed that cloth face coverings do not stop the transmission or spread of omicron. Now, health officials are claiming the frequency of cloth masks being worn is due to comfort, rather than efficacy.

Reportedly, these cloth face coverings are only effective at stopping the transmission of bigger COVID particles. This, too, is debatable; however, that is the official stance coming from experts in infectious diseases.

In a nutshell, medical grade masks appear to have the most efficacy against stopping omicron. This means that folks who are wearing cloth masks on airplanes and in other settings are not blocking omicron in any fashion whatsoever.

Will This Impact Mask Mandates?

Health officials have largely rallied behind mask mandates, along with vaccination mandates. Likewise, Democrat leaders have fully embraced mandates of all kinds.

There are places in the nation where people cannot even enter public facilities without showing medical papers. Meanwhile, some of these same cities run by leftist leaders are also bringing back mask mandates as COVID surges amongst a heavily vaccinated population.

Omicron has significantly changed the game when it comes to how COVID is talked about. The particular strain has been manifesting in people who are already vaccinated and boosted against the virus.

Omicron’s seeming immunity to the virus also raised questions about how effective vaccines are when they don’t stop the series of variants that are stemming off from the original coronavirus.

Another interesting twist about omicron is that its symptoms mirror those associated with the harmless, common cold. Yet, again, this raises questions about whether or not face coverings are necessary and what the future of mandates looks like.

Are you surprised to learn that cloth face coverings are essentially useless in the face of omicron? We’d love to know what you think in the comments area.