Clinton ‘Could Be’ Trump’s 2024 Democrat Rival in 2016 Election Repeat

Hillary Clinton is the kind of "sore loser" who hasn't gotten over her 2016 defeat by Donald Trump. (Shutterstock)

Given the highly negative approval ratings of both Democrat President Joe Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris, the Democrat Party could end up nominating someone else entirely in 2024.

Instead of Biden or Harris, the Democrat candidate in 2024 could end up being none other than Hillary Clinton. She might be the Democrats’ “best hope” for victory, according to an analysis by political commentator Joe Conch.

If President Donald Trump runs again for the White House in 2024, as he himself has strongly suggested numerous times, America’s next presidential election could be a “rematch” of the 2016 vote.

Democrats’ ‘Pathetic’ 2024 Prospects

Concha describes a “Hillary Clinton ’2024” nomination as an “interesting prospect to consider.”

He notes a recent poll by I&I-TIPP found only 22% of the voters and 36% of Democrat voters wish to see Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden run for reelection; that’s not to mention he would be almost 83 years old in November 2024.

At the same time, 44% of the Democrat respondents declared they would like to see “someone else” run for the US presidency in three years’ time.

Increasingly far-left Democrat senators (like socialists Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Cory Booker) feel rejected by the analyst. Concha stresses that at 74, Hillary Clinton still seems like she’s “bathing in the fountain of youth,” compared to Sleepy Joe Biden.

Hillary’s ‘Bizarre’ 2016 ‘Victory Speech’ Reading

Five years after Clinton’s devastating loss to Trump in 2016, she still remains “stunned” that she “lost” to him. Her loss was, of course, totally logical; however, the logic is certainly not clear to Democrat pundits or failed politicians who have a tendency to stick to being “sore losers”.

Concha goes so far as to declare Clinton is treating her 2016 election loss the “same way” Trump speaks about the 2020 election. He thinks Clinton believes the vote was “stolen by Trump,” as well as “the Russians.”

Concha, however, then criticized Clinton for accusing Trump of spreading “lies and disinformation” about the 2020 election, whereas she is making the same claims about the race she lost in 2016.

Clinton seems to be sounding out the possibility of winning the 2024 Democrat presidential nomination. (Shutterstock)

Concha exposes Clinton for her failure to “absorb” her loss from five years ago. He then criticized her for still talking about it all the time, thus not displaying any class, humility, or maturity.

The analyst notes Clinton has been blaming her defeat by Trump on all kinds of factors – from “misogyny” to Bernie Sanders. Yet, the reading of her 2016 victory-loser speech appears as though she is feeling out any remaining “appetite for the Clinton brand.”

In his conclusion, Concha declares Hillary Clinton obviously still believes it is her birthright to hold the office of the president of the United States, an office made “infamous” by her husband Bill Clinton.

All things considered, Hillary Clinton might end up having another shot at becoming the Democrat nominee for 2024.