Cincinnati University Professor Believes Anti-cheating Rules Aren’t Fair to Black and Latino Students

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It’s not uncommon for the left-leaning crowd to circle in on itself and present awfully divisive concepts as “solutions” to current social issues regarding inequality among genders and ethnicities.

This, in and of itself, is an entirely new can of worms to open.

Namely, University of Cincinnati’s educator Antar A. Tichavakunda shared some “questionable” opinions on cheating regulations at the university, with a well-established focus on non-white students.

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Cincinnati professor reaches peak woke

In fact, he claimed these students deserve different treatment from whites.

He then threw around some random statistics for black students being accused of cheating in college, almost as if that absolves them from ever being checked on again.

Furthermore, the professor stated the very concept of academic integrity is rooted in racism and it’s evolved into a system that punishes students based on the color of their skin.

This is about as unhinged of a statement as one would expect from a critical race theory peddler.

This also enforces the idea that only white people are capable of racism. This, aside from being categorically wrong, is a racist statement in itself; although Tichavakunda is probably aware of this.

He then provides an example of a black woman he’d met a couple of years ago while doing research for a book.

He claimed she was forced to relocate during a test, due to the fear of being accused of cheating because someone sitting right next to her was doing it.

A punitive bias against black people?

According to Antar, this is definitive proof of his previous statements.

He uses it to leverage his claims that anti-cheating software, which has been in use for a couple of years now, already developed a racial bias against ethnic groups.

What’s more, the professor is convinced that current educational policies are disproportionally harmful to black and Latino students.

Also, he is of the opinion that it’s white folk who are in charge of making these rules.

According to him, certain white fraternities and sororities at colleges even possess test banks for the students to study from, completely ignoring the notion that a “white” fraternity isn’t something that could exist in the USA in 2022.

Finally, he closes his lengthy statement on controversy like none other, assuring that black students have fewer chances to cheat. When they do, it has a much greater impact on their academic progress.

As it stands, the left is doing its best to erase the concept of earned success, as we’ve seen them attempt to reform standardized testing in order to cater to minority groups.

If Antar’s idea of a racist academic integrity system gains traction, there’s no telling what the future holds for America’s future academics.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.