CIA: Ultrasound, Electromagnetic Weapon Caused Mysterious ‘Havana Syndrome’

The mysterious illness known as the “Havana Syndrome”, which affected dozens of American diplomats, has been caused by a foreign weapon using ultrasound and electromagnetic energy, the CIA revealed in an intelligence report.

Ultrasound and “Pulsed Electromagnetic Energy”

According to CIA officials studying patients with Havana Syndrome, a weapon wielded by foreign intelligence officers to deliberately target American diplomatic staff around the globe caused this illness.

Havana Syndrome symptoms include cognitive difficulties, dizziness, strong head pressure or vibration, visual problems, ear pain, loud noise, among others.

Alleged Havana Syndrome cases have been recorded in Havana, Washington, DC, Paris, Berlin, Geneva, and Vienna, as well as in Serbia’s capital Belgrade, Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, China’s Guangzhou, and also in India.

The Central Intelligence Agency on Wednesday released a new report making it clear that at least some reported cases must have been caused by a special kind of device.

The weapon in question might be using ultrasound and “pulsed electromagnetic energy”, according to the CIA report, as cited by the Daily Mail.

The CIA document concludes the sources are able to muster and emit “the required stimulus” for the disease. They could also be easily concealed and do not require much power.

The signals of the respective weaponized devices could be “propagated’ for tens or even hundreds of meters through the air with the use of “antennas and techniques.”

The CIA’s findings state the symptoms of Havana Syndrome patients seem to be “consistent” with effects caused by “directed, pulsed radiofrequency” energy.

The intelligence report recognized the cases reported as Havana Syndrome happen to be “diverse.”

China or Russia Utilizing Cold War Soviet Weapon

However, a number of the alleged cases had no possible explanation based on medical or environmental conditions; therefore, a weaponized device must have been utilized to target the US diplomatic and security staff.

The main theory behind the weapon is a microwave technology device likely invented by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. This may now have been transformed by Russia and/or China into a weapon to target US diplomatic and other staff.

China and Russia have been denying involvement in any incidents related to the Havana Syndrome.

While the CIA is looking at how to protect American diplomats and their families from the attacks of microwave technology, no specific protection measures have been mentioned.

Recommendations for tackling the issue include alerting US agencies of the collected information and developing markers to be alert and detect the so-called “anomalous health incidents”.

One of the officials emphasized if Havana Syndrome cases are reported quickly and medical care is given in a timely manner, most of those affected are getting well.

Avril Haines, the director of National Intelligence, and William Burns, the CIA director, issued a joint statement.

The statement says the US government is still working to establish the exact causes of the Havana Syndrome, provide patients with the needed medical care, and keep informing the public about its findings.