Chinese Government Plan to Dominate the World Revealed

The People’s Daily of the Chinese Communist Party helped to expand China’s hazy “Global Security Strategy.”

This is an unspoken security treaty that the increasingly authoritarian government declines to explain.

China and Russia

Although Beijing is a loyal confidant of brutal dictator Vladimir Putin, the People’s Daily strangely cited Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a purpose to accept Chinese governance in the search for “global peace and stability.”

After going on and on about autocrat Xi Jinping’s pioneering monologues, the editorial finally admitted the Global Security Action plan (GSI) is currently nothing more than a few “core concepts.”

All of them are prevalent Chinese communist, propagandistic words: “shared advantages,” “self-sustaining security,” and, most notably, “win-win collaboration,” which the authors learned to work in twice.

The bottom line is China’s vicious leaders are exhausted of being chastised for their violations of human rights, lopsided trade processes, aggressive military maneuvers, and new tech thievery.

They want a world order in which dictatorships are free to abuse their populations in any way they see fit in order to maintain power.

Their Points

The GSI suggested by China appears to believe it is critical that nations remain committed to upholding other nations’ sovereignty and independence.

They want to uphold non-interference in internal matters, dismiss the Cold War mentality, reject unilateralism, and say no to gang politics and bloc conflict.

All of this comes while remaining devoted to all nations’ legitimate security issues, upholding the idea of indivisible safety, constructing a balanced, long-term security architecture, and opposing the promotion of one’s own safety at the expense of others.

The action plan reacts to chronological trends in international relations, such as global economy, world multi-polar, and democratic republics.

It is emphasizing that security should include universal benefits, fair opportunities, and inclusiveness, based on respect and adherence to the international order.

This includes the United Nations at its core and the global system undergirded by international humanitarian law. At the bilateral and global levels, it outlined key concepts for constructing a world of universal security.

Beijing’s go-to term for rejecting all criticism of its excesses is “Cold War mindset,” especially in the aftermath of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, the roots of which China would never let the world explore.

China’s favorite phrase for human rights issues is “unilateralism.”

Beijing’s ostensible commitment to “legitimate security issues of all nations” hasn’t prompted it to speak out in support of Ukraine.

The GSI is nothing more than China’s aggressive authoritarian leaders trying to ape the language of the free world to introduce itself as peaceable, while digging nuclear missile silos and planning acts of aggression.

This comes just as Communist China prefers to attend climate change training and babble about “shared sacrifice,” while digging up record amounts of coal and building dirty power stations across undeveloped nations.