Caretaker-in-Chief Jill Biden Spills Out Embarrassing ‘Fexting’ with Joe

First Lady Jill Biden has deemed it a good idea to disclose embarrassing secrets about her relationship with her husband.

This is a revelation coming against the backdrop of reports that Sleepy Joe himself is fuming at his staffers for constantly rectifying his bewildering gaffes.

Jill Trying to Obscure ‘Caretaker’ Reality with ‘Honest’ Revelation

Jill Biden has been caught on video footage and hot mics a number of times already, giving her president husband, Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden, simple but categorical commands.

Whenever she is unable to do so, other notable characters, such as the Easter Bunny, tend to fill in for her.

Her caretaker role isn’t hard to comprehend, given the incessant, senility-driven speech gaffes, political/diplomatic blunders, and loss of orientation incidents of her husband.

However, in her latest interview given to Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Jill Biden gives new embarrassing insights into her relationship with her husband as they occupy the White House.

Those include the bizarre revelation they are “fexting”, which apparently means “fighting over text messages,” thus supposedly hiding their “fights” from the Secret Service agents in their detail.

It remains unclear why Jill Biden and/or her PR advisers believe it is a good idea to embarrass the already embattled Democrat president.

In what may be a further attempt to obscure the setup in which she is “caretaker-in-chief” of the Biden administration, Jill Biden recounts how she is Joe’s biggest “supporter.”

‘Friendly Fire’ Report Lays Bare Biden’s Polling Desperation

Jill Biden’s disclosure about her texting “fights” with Joe comes against the backdrop of a report revealing Sleepy Joe is infuriated by the constant efforts of his aides to fix his gaffes.

According to the report, Biden considers those clarifications to be “sabotaging” his own standing.

His conflict with his own staffers even reached a “boiling” point back in March.

Sleepy Joe nearly caused a war with Russia during his trip to Poland; he declared murderous Moscow tyrant Vladimir Putin cannot be allowed to “remain in power.”

The subsequent “clarifications” by White House staff forced Biden to declare he expressed his “personal” view of indignation over Putin’s atrocities in Ukraine, though the United States isn’t seeking to depose the Russian autocrat.

The NBC News report also reveals chief of staff Ron Klain is going to leave the White House after the midterm elections in November; Democrats seem poised to take a big beating here.

An anonymous White House adviser is quoted as saying Biden is pressuring his aides to invent some sort of a “winning midterm message.”

Although it remains unclear what that might be, given how his administration has been pushing America into one crisis after another.

The leftist outlet’s report further reveals Sleepy Joe is getting “twisted” by his collapsing ratings.

One polling tracker, Civiqs, indicates Biden’s approval rating is below 50% in all states, save for Hawaii, where it stands at 52%.

The average of numerous recent polls compiled by FiveThirtyEight has Biden’s nationwide ratings at 40.7%.