Build Back Better Act to Face Challenges in the Senate

Towards the end of last month, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better Act. Some key portions of this legislation entail major paydays for illegal immigrants and funding for the IRS to scrutinize the banking accounts of just about every American.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy made history last month. Towards the end of November, the GOP leader spent exactly eight hours and 32 minutes speaking against the monstrosity of the Build Back Better Act.

Overnight on the House floor, McCarthy laid out the multitude of issues dealing with this legislation. After McCarthy’s history-making filibuster, Democrats in the House ultimately wound up passing the Build Back Better Act.

With the House having voted, the Build Back Better Act is in the hands of the Senate. However, judging from recent remarks of moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin, Biden’s prized legislation has some bumps ahead, as Breitbart News documents.

Manchin’s Commentary on the Build Back Better Act

On Monday, the West Virginia Democrat stated he believes the Build Back Better Act requires some real modifications. Manchin also declared that as a “realist,” he’s got some concerns regarding how the bill is going to impact our nation’s economy.

Biden has stated without evidence that the Build Back Better Act will lower inflation. Manchin made it known yesterday that he’s also a little shaky concerning whether or not the president’s remarks in that regard are accurate.

According to the Democrat senator, he hasn’t been privy to anything that makes him believe Build Back Better will decrease American’s inflation problems. Manchin moreover stated the initial year of government spending on this bill will be quite significant in its current form.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Build Back Better Act carries a price tag of $750 billion within the span of five years.

The Power of Leverage

Because the Senate has an even split between Republicans and Democrats, the latter will not be able to pass the Build Back Better Act without Manchin’s vote. No Senate Republicans are in support of the legislation; therefore, the left needs literally all 50 Senate Democrats in order for the bill to pass.

Since Manchin’s vote has the power to make or break the Build Back Better Act, all the leverage is on his side. The means the West Virginia senator is in the strongest possible position to make demands and lay out the necessary stipulations in order to get his vote.

If the Build Back Better Act does eventually pass the Senate, there is a very strong possibility it will be significantly watered down from its present version today.

What do you think about the future of the Build Back Better Act? Do you believe Manchin will push for Democrats to make certain changes?