BREAKING: Ukraine Capitol Bombed By Putin’s Forces

The situation in Ukraine is spiraling.

What’s Going On?

In Ukraine, the victims of terrorism on a nine-story apartment building in the city have received updates, according to Mykola Povoroznyk, the deputy minister of Kyiv.

He said a rocket struck close to the scene of a similar incident in late April; he confirmed one person died and at least six others were injured.

A Reuters camera observed a sizable fresh hole by a private kindergarten with broken windows. In the vicinity, some privately owned storage garages were entirely destroyed.

On Sunday, blasts were reported in other districts of Kyiv, but the vice mayor of the city said these were the sounds of air defense eliminating further incoming strikes.

Moscow, which claims to target civilians, made no quick comments.

A spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force reported on Sunday, four to six long-range rockets were launched from Russian bombers toward the southern Russian city of Astrakhan, which faces the Caspian Sea.

A Summary

The first assault on Kyiv since June 5 resulted in the death of one man and the injury of four civilians.

In a missile launch on Cherkasy, which is located southeast of the city, another person was killed. The Dnipro River Bridge was also struck.

Russian leaders attending a conference in Bavaria, Germany are being sent a message of resistance to the assaults on Kyiv and Cherkasy.

In Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, and Lviv, Russia claimed to have struck military sites. Biden called the Russian assaults “further brutality” and denounced them. They demonstrated the value of G7 unity, according to Olaf Scholz, the chancellor of Germany.

Ukraine requested more strident sanctions on Russia, as well as naval assistance. The G7 should react to the assaults with a restriction on Russian gas and naval assistance in the Black Sea, according to Andriy Yermak, the chief of office to President Zelenksiy.

A prohibition on Russian gold shipments has been confirmed by G7 members. The action by Canada, Japan, the United States, as well as Britain, is part of measures to put more pressure on Moscow through sanctions.

Since Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, gold exports to Russia have grown significantly, reaching a value of $15.2 billion in 2021.

As per Downing Street, the UK and France decided to back Ukraine further. The G7 leaders have expressed support for Ukraine.

During a summit meal, G7 leaders also made fun of Vladimir Putin’s tough-guy persona.

After destroying Sievierodonetsk, Russian soldiers are attempting to cut off the strategically important twin city of Lysychansk in eastern Ukraine.

As a result of Moscow’s extensive artillery barrages and airstrikes on locations far from the epicenter of the eastern hostilities, Lysychansk is likely to become the next major battleground.

In order to fight from a higher elevation in Lysychansk on the opposing bank of the Siverskyi Donets river, Ukraine labeled its retreat from Sievierodonetsk a “tactical retreat.”