BLM Spent $6.3 Million on Buying Communist Mansion in Canada

Black Lives Matter seems to be descending further into scandals; it appears to have spent a whopping $6.3 million to buy an actual communist mansion in Canada.

Textbook Marxism-Communism Case

BLM wired the big cash to an M4BJ, a Canadian charity based in Toronto, which just happens to be managed by Janaya Khan, the wife of BLM’s discredited co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors.

It was M4BJ which made the $6.3 million real estate purchase of a “sprawling mansion” in Toronto, according to a report by the New York Post, citing Toronto’s public property records.

On top of everything, the Canadian mansion in question, now known as the “Wildseed Centre for Art and Activism”, used to be the headquarters of the Communist Party of Canada.

The expensive property acquisition of a communist mansion is 100% anti-democracy, anti-freedom, anti-capitalist, anti-American, and anti-human.

Everything about the purchase and reports of the lavish lifestyle of BLM’s founders is showing the lead of exuberant and rich lives at the expense of the “masses” they supposedly love, but actually despise.

It is a pattern known from the Soviet Union, Communist China, Cuba, etc., now being demonstrated by BLM.

‘Epic Abuse of Public Trust’

Patrisse Khan-Cullors, one of the three co-founders of Black Lives Matter Global Foundation Network, probably the best known one, has been touting that she is a “trained Marxist”.

She resigned in 2021, after an NYP report revealed she had bought two homes for a combined total of $3.2 million. She has been denying using BLM donations to fund high-end property purchases.

Two senior members of BLM in Canada, who resigned recently, lambasted the buying of the former Communist Party mansion in Toronto with BLM cash.

The new high-end property scandal and lavish donation spending by BLM comes in a recent report by the Washington Examiner. This report revealed that BLMGNF wouldn’t say who is in charge of its fortune of $66 million from Thousand Currents, the NPO managing its donations.

Two BLM activists, Makani Themba and Monifa Bandele, who were supposed to manage BLMGNF after Khan-Cullors, resigned. They left the organization “abruptly” back in September.

Themba and Bandele are cited as saying they “don’t know” who is in charge of the $66 million in cash that Thousand Currents wired to BLMGFN back in October 2020. This comes after the former ended its services for the latter.

The report quotes Tom Anderson, the head of the Government Integrity Project (of a Virginia-based watchdog, the National and Legal Policy Center), as describing the BLM’s situation as an “epic abuse of public trust”.

Anderson elaborated that the resources of an entire movement are seemingly “being squandered” based on “the whims and mismanagement” of a single person and her “inner circle of friends and family”. Go figure.