BLM Leader Imprisoned for Illegal Voting, 2020 Arsonist Gets Probation

Pamela Moses, a senior activist of the far-left Black Lives Matter movement in Memphis, Tennessee, has gotten a six-year prison sentence for illegal voting.

In another BLM-related court case, a 20-year-old wannabe arsonist, who tried to set a high school on fire during the 2020 riots in Minneapolis, got off, receiving only probation.

‘Tricking’ the Probation Department

44-year-old Pamela Moses, who is the creator of BLM Memphis, ended up getting six years in lockup because she committed voter fraud while being on probation.

According to Judge Mark Ward, Moses “tricked the probation department” in order to obtain the right to vote illegally, as cited by The Guardian.

The founder of BLM Memphis, however, alleges she didn’t know she was still on probation and argues she was only trying to get back her right to vote.

During her sentencing hearing, Moses also insisted nobody told her she would be giving up the right to vote when she pleaded guilty back in 2015.

According to the prosecution, Moses was aware she wasn’t eligible to vote since a judge confirmed prior to this that she was on probation.

The prosecutors argued in spite of all of that, she signed an oath about the accuracy of her voter registration.

The founder of BLM Memphis has been in jail since December 10 and is expected to appeal the prison sentence.

Probation for Wannabe Arsonist from BLM Riots

Meanwhile, in another court case implicating the Black Lives Matter movement, 20-year-old Mohamed Hussein Abdi got condemned to five-year probation because he tried to set a high school on fire, Fox News reported.

Abdi pleaded guilty to “conspiracy to commit arson” in a case heard by a district court in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was arrested back in June 2020 during the riots in Minneapolis, following the killing of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin.

Abdi was nabbed after he entered a high school in St. Paul, the Gordon Parks High School, and set a trash can on fire. Before that, however, he poured liquid on the floor and inside the trash can. When smoke began to build, he escaped.

Court documents cited in the report showed the BLM supporter was sentenced to probation based on the 1984 Sentencing Reform Act. Besides the five-year probation, he was also sentenced to a fine of nearly $34,000, which he is supposed to pay to the high school he targeted.

Apart from trying to set ablaze a local high school, Abdi was also found to have thrown objects at police officers, and to have coordinated his aggressive acts with other protesters.

According to a report by Axios from September 2020, the BLM riots in the summer of 2020 caused damages worth $1 billion and affected some 140 major US cities.