Biden’s Trans Officials Celebrate Transgenderism Triumph in French Embassy

(Sam Brinton's (right) Instagram page - showing himself with "health admiral" Rachel Levine)

The two most famous “transsexual” officials of the Biden administration made an overt appearance at the Embassy of France in Washington, DC, on Bastille Day, the French national holiday.

Bidenism: Highest Stage of Transgenderism

Captured by radical leftist extremists, both the Biden administration and congressional Democrats have been working harder than ever to promote and impose transgenderism, as well as wokeness, on the American people.

The Biden administration has been presiding over the conquest of girls’ and women’s sports by men claiming to be women and easily raking in medals, as in the case of swimmer Lia Thomas.

It also appointed the first “woman” four-star admiral in the US government, which just so happens to be a man: Rachel Levine, the Assistant Secretary of Health.

(Instagram snapshot)

Grotesque Embassy ‘Pup Play’ with ‘Health Admiral’

Levine was one of the two Biden trans officials who “made a splash” at a Bastille Day reception last Thursday in the residency of the French Ambassador to the US.

The other trans – or “non-binary” – official was the even more grotesque official from the Department of Energy, Sam Brinton, who sports a shaved head, together with drag queen outfits.

Brinton appeared in high heels and a blue dress at the French Embassy party, while “admiral” Rachel Levine was more “reserved,” with a uniform, skirt, and heels.

Apart from his “non-binary” looks, Brinton is known for bragging online about indulging in a “puppy role-play fetish”

The deputy assistant energy secretary and Kevin, his husband, practice the fetish known as “pup play” by dressing up as dogs.

The Biden official has been lecturing on this and other bizarre sex practices, including such in which the participating adults wear diapers pretending to be babies and others involving degradation and humiliation.

Brinton boasted on Instagram about his French Embassy appearance and about hanging out with “health admiral Rachel Levine.”

Even though he subsequently made his account private, other social media users shared online screenshots of his photo with Levine.

Brinton wrote that the French national holiday reception was “an amazing opportunity” that allowing him to “connect” with one of the few other “transgender government officials.”

He added “it felt great” to be able to “commiserate with a fellow trans”, “Admiral Levine,” who is also “facing the hate.”

Levine, a male by birth, was declared one of the “Women of the Year” of USA Today earlier this year in a giant spit in the face of old-school feminism.

Among other things, Levine is known for scandalously ordering nursing homes in Pennsylvania to accept COVID-19 patients released from hospitals.

The decision is believed to have caused tens of thousands of deaths in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey and New York. At the same time, Levine had his 95-year-old mother away from infected patients, out of a nursing home.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.